T Dog leaning over a car door in The Walking Dead

The T Dog Report 10.15.12

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I can't believe they are pulling the same shit after I died.

The Walking Dead is back for it’s 3rd season and it’s time to take bets on how long our man T Dog stays alive. Unlike the previous season where T Dog was there to fill up space he is actually on the front lines. Which is nerve-racking because any time T Dog is in the action it could be his last moments. Luckily for us T Dog lived through the episode and had a few moments where he was able to show off his acting chops. Like when he mentioned that the group could dig a trench in the yard after they took over the prison(he’s already said more in one episode than the second half of season 2). Here are some of the other highlights:

  • During the raid into C Block, T Dog broke rank to pick up a riot shield. It was a close call, but he was successful. It actually came in use during a battle with the ‘armed‘ zombies.
  • In every “mission” T Dog was either at the front of the pack or covering the rear. This put him at risk in every scene increasing his chance of dying.
  • There’s are two new black character on the scene, Michonne and a prisoner who survived the infection. The black count is up to 3! Normally, this means one of the three has to die because there can only be one of us to survive. Hopefully T Dog will use the prison survivor as zombie bait.
  • There were a couple of moments where T Dog gave us some “personality”. The first was his victory “woo” after they successfully took over the prison yard. The second when he was holding the door while Rick cut off Hersel’s leg. He gave the classic black man “WTF?!” face.

A couple of speaking lines, an old man down, and new black characters could be a blessing in disguise for our friend T. He could definitely use the prison guard as his “extra life”, or link up with Michonne and combine their chances of survival. T Dog is on the come up, but it might not last long, we will find out next week on the T Dog Report.

3 thoughts on “The T Dog Report 10.15.12

  1. Lol! Honestly, if there can only be one black person, I’ve got to go with Michonne — the new badass black chick with a samurai sword. Sorry T-Dog ::shrug::

  2. From what I have read about Michonne she goes after a black character in the novel named Tyresse Im thinking this is T Dog hence prison black has to go…which Im sure the prison buddy system probably wont go well anyway and Rick will shoot all of them lol…However, there is still a lot of ways for the 1st token black man to go out….look at Spartacus lol

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