A New Character In the Fight For More Diversity In Games

Last year Lee Everett was the only character to make a positive impression of black characters in videogames.  This year we have another character to join the movement. —  Issac Briggs from Splinter Cell Blacklist.

Based on first appearances, Briggs’ character looks to follow in the footsteps of Lee Everett. Smart dialogue and developed back story could be the weapons of choice for the man next to Sam Fisher. Although Franklin, the main character from Grand Theft Auto V, will get more media attention Briggs is quickly becoming the character to watch.

Hopefully character development of Issac Briggs continues along the trajectory set forth by the trailer. If it does, this will be the second year in a row we have a well-developed black character headlining a popular video game. 

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  • DontLoseYourDayJob (@DLYDJ)
    May 21, 2013

    Yeah, not much noise has been made about the stereotypes Rockstar is choosing to enforce with GTA V, but this Briggs guy seems like he will even the playing field (literally).

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