Gaming on Easy Mode

How often do you play a video game on ‘Easy’? And I’m not talking about dropping the difficulty during tough sections of a game.  I mean making a deliberate choice to play a game from beginning to end on Easy.  Most of us would say never.  We have a sense of gamer pride that keeps us from experiencing a game where we always have the upper hand.  It is a badge of honor to say we completed a game on a tough difficulty.

However, I decided to forgo pride and play The Last of Us on the Easy difficulty setting.  An experiment to see if dropping the challenge will affect my outlook on the game.  Will I walk away with a greater appreciation of the story and design–or will I spend the entire time longing for a challenge?  Only time will tell, but I want to hear from you.

Have you ever played a game on Easy?  Do you think there is a time and place to play a game on a lesser difficulty? Or must we always pick a difficulty that meets or exceeds our abilities?



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