Building A Better Backpack – For The Culture

At the heart of The Grey Backpack has been the drive to create a voice for Black gamers.  And with the new site I’m going to approach this in some new and exciting ways. I believe there are tons of great writers, designers, developers, streamers and bloggers out there and I’m going to find them.  The industry might not want to talk about race within the industry and community, but you can rest assured I’m going to.  You can expect another entry in the African-American Games Journalist series as well as some exciting interviews.  It’s going to be an exciting time at the GBP.

Building A Better Backpack – Content

What excites me the most about the new website? The ability to go outside the box and post content that doesn’t necessarily fit into the “gamer” category.  From the day of my first post, I’ve always wanted to post more that just long form content about video games.  People are multifaceted and I wanted my work to reflect that. I wanted a site that could adapt to the whims of my interests and posts.  Now I can mix it up and not only have various formats, but also different topics. Maybe I want to talk sneakers and music, or one day talk about life at Iron Yard.  Whatever I want to talk about, it can now fit in a design that belongs. I’m really excited about the new content that I’m going to bring and I believe that you will be too!

In the meantime, be sure to follow on IG where you get a sample of the direction I’m heading.  Plus, it’s just a great place to catch up and shoot the shit.

Building A Better Backpack – Apparel

As much as I love geek culture, I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with the apparel that accompanies it. It’s always over the top and screams “look at me! Look at this nerdy shit I’m into!”  It’s always a big ass Goku on a Gildan T-shirt. It’s just something I’ve never liked and always wanted to change.  So change I have.  With the new site I’ll begin releasing t-shirts and hoodies with designs that I’ve come up with, with the Backpack Crew.  The Goal – to create something that you would actually want to wear outside. I wanted something that people could wear and feel like they are a part of something. A small club of folks in the know.  I believe that you can be nerdy and fashionable at the same time.   And with the next few releases I believe that you’ll agree.

Building A Better Backpack

I remember the day I launched The Grey Backpack.  It was the day I was going to take over the world! Unfortunately, my website looked like hot garbage.  But that’s what happens when you build something the first time – the first generation is typically never what you want it to be.  But that didn’t stop me from blogging and walking down a path of continuous iteration.  Each redesign brought me closer to building the site that I could see in my mind, but could not build with my hands.  A website that not only hosted my written work, but a place to share my true vision of what I wanted to the platform to be. Today, I’m happy to announce that the dream and the reality are finally coming together.  What could only be considered as fate, I’ve linked up with MOKO, a design company based in Atlanta to help me bring my ideas to life. Consider this The Grey Backpack 2.0.

So what can you expect when the site launches?  New content, apparel and a few new ventures that I’m sure will become a welcomed and pleasant surprise for those who’ve followed me on this journey.  Over the next few days I will begin discussing what this new design is all about in greater detail.  What you need to know right now – my dreams are finally becoming a reality and I’m glad you’re along for the ride.