Gears of War 4 Campaign Review

In Gears of War 4 you live from guitar riff to guitar riff. Life is lived in between the twitch moments. Under heavy fire and a wall slowly crumbling in front of you…do you have the reflexes to reload, move from cover and eliminate the immediate swarm threat? This game shines in these moments, but it always has. The Gears series can be considered the gold standard of third-person action games. This series ‘invented’ the cover based mechanic you see in many popular games today. Gears is one of the sole games that truly pays attention to the environment. It’s a game that wants you to feel the action. However, it’s the moments in between the action that fail to live up to the expectations set forth by the early action sequences, and quickly become the focal point for this discussion. Read more ›

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Review

Deus Ex Intro Pic.png
If you were to look at my Netflix history, you could easily tell–I’m one of those people who loves really good documentaries and conspiracy theories. We love conspiracy theories because they provide us a great story. A ‘what if’ scenario that we can spend hours imagining the ramifications of what the world would be like if that conspiracy was true. With Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Square-Enix’s sets out to tell us a story of human rights and conspiracy theories, but never delivers on its promise.

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Why I’ll Never Finish DOOM

doom demo
When we discuss or review video games we’ll often talk about the controls, graphics and/or the story. Yet,  for all the technical discussions we hardly discuss a game’s content, unless it’s in the context of violence – where we question whether a game is too violent. What we rarely discuss however, is when you stop playing a game because the content is at odds with your beliefs. Because that’s what happened when I played the DOOM demo.  Read more ›

E3 Press Conference Review 


There’s a moment in everyone’s childhood when they come to grips with the truth about Santa Claus. Whether they find out on their own, or some shithead friend tells them the truth, they ultimately come to a realization that Santa Claus, for all his gift giving glory, Isn’t real. Or is he? There are many parents who can’t bring themselves to crush a child’s innocence. It sticks with a child only for a brief moment. And many of us, wishing we still had some of that innocence, cannot stomach taking it away from our children. So we mask the truth, telling them what they want to hear, even if our children know better–Because we care. And then there are parents who will tell it to them straight, because the world isn’t going to cater to the dream’s of innocence and a child would find out one way or another. This year at E3, depending on your camp (Xbox or PlayStation), you were either told the truth or a half-truth wrapped in a nice white lie. Read more ›