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Who doesn’t like delicious burgers? These fun activities combine learning and burgers to create the perfect home or school project. Kids will love each of these activities that focus on creative play, imagination, shape identification, and sequence building. All follow a unique burger theme. These activities are aimed at preschoolers and toddlers, but are suitable for all ages. Here are 10 delicious burger activities.

1. Paper Plate Burger Craft

Kids will use paper plates, brown paint, construction paper, glue and scissors to create their own burgers. Kids can be creative and add different types of toppings to make their burgers more appealing. This is a fun activity to do on Memorial Day or her 4th of July when cookouts are popular.

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2. Felt hamburger

Felt is a great way for kids to create and explore without creating too much of a mess. In this activity, children cut different colored felt strips into hamburger patties, vegetables, cheese and buns. Kids can then play with the felt pieces and build their own burgers.

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3. Play Dauphin

Kids love Play-Doh, especially when they can pretend to serve their favorite meals to family and friends. In this activity, children will use toy dough to make hamburgers and fries. What’s even more fun with this activity is that the kids can use the easy recipes to make their own dough!

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4. Hamburger Art

This is another fun and crafty activity for kids to make their own burgers using different crafts. You can make your own 3D burger using anything from paints to fabrics to crayons to markers. The more mixed media used, the better.

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5. Burger Joint

This website offers free printables for kids to create their own burger joint. Kids can pretend play and decorate their room or another play area with prints to simulate their very own burger joint. Kids love to pretend to take orders and serve burgers.

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6. Burger Site Words

This activity helps children learn sight words while making pretend burgers. Kids use the burger printouts to match visual words and place burgers with buns and meats. This is a great early education literacy activity.

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7. Tootsie Roll Burger

This is a delicious craft to make a ‘hamburger’ out of a tossie roll! Next, carve the Toosie Roll into the burger.

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8. Make a hamburger game

This game is a great way for your child to learn and practice their shapes. Children match shapes to make hamburgers. In this activity, kids practice using triangles, circles and squares to build the perfect burger and win the game.

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9. Burger block

This is a sequencing game that helps kids learn how to follow directions and stack shapes to create patterns. Children should imitate the sequence of cards using burger blocks. This is a great tool to use with preschoolers and toddlers.

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10. Popsicle Stick Hamburger

This is a fun back-to-school activity where you make burgers out of popsicle sticks. For kids to make burgers, they need a fluffy pipe his cleaner, a popsicle stick, a wiggly eye and paints. Kids will love showing off their crafts to their parents.

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