10 Our Class Is A Family Activities For Elementary

One of most elementary school teachers’ favorite fiction books, Our class is family. By Shannon Olsen, it’s the perfect book to read on the first day of school. This cute book teaches social-emotional skills, social skills, and how to be a good person in general. , find 10 classroom-building activities to help you create your class family. Foster positive relationships and a sense of community in the classroom from the beginning of the school year!

1. Flipbook

Teach your students about their inclusion in the story, then complete this meaningful flipbook creation activity to display on your bulletin board. This is a meaningful writing skills activity for the first few weeks of school and includes a helpful list of supplies needed.

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2. Classroom family pudding

Use pudding cups and different candies to make delicious home puddings. When it comes to building community in the classroom, food excites children and gets them working together faster, so be sure to add this fun activity to your next lesson plan!

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3. Make connections

This school bulletin board display and activity set includes Our class is family. There are various options for this set of activities. Use one or use all. Start the year off with this in your toolkit with a focus on connections and comparisons.

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4. Incorporate books into every subject

Use this wonderful book for all subjects. This set includes wordwork and an “I like my class” booklet to read in your English class, addition and subtraction activities in your math class, and a video explaining the similarities and differences from other schools in social studies. impresses teachers of all subjects. !

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5. Read aloud by activity

to initiate a discussion of kindness by integrating different skills and tasks for social-emotional learning Our class is family. After reading, complete a vocabulary matching game to learn words like “respect” and “difference” and other vocabulary related to social-emotional learning.

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6. Class Friendship Bracelet

Encourage a positive classroom environment with special classroom promises. Each color of bead represents a desired quality for a positive classroom community. Your students will love wearing this treasure every day as a reminder of their classroom efforts.

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7. Activities based on the book

Practice reading and writing with this favorite classroom activity. Perfect to use during her first week of school as a leader’s workshop for children to build positive connections with their teachers.

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8. Book review

This creative lesson plan includes our class is a family Create student ownership. Students read the book and write a book review that includes a summary, connections to the book, why families are important in the classroom, and student recommendations to display on the bulletin board.

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9. Anchor Chart

Create classroom engagements and extend what students learn from stories. By creating a collaborative anchor chart, learners collaborate and discuss the role everyone plays in the community.

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10. Family photo in the classroom

Encourage students to bring family photos to further connect learners and reinforce a sense of community in the classroom. Have students host a show-and-tell session to explain their families to the rest of the class.

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