10 Stocks That Experienced Significant Officer Buying Activity Over 2022

Fintel’s Officer Sentiment Quant Model identifies companies that have had significant officer buying activity in the last year.

There is significant academic research that suggests corporate insiders outperform the market when buying their own stock.

Fintel believes this quant model includes three metrics.

  • There are open market purchases by executives who are directly involved in day-to-day business operations.
  • Fintel also looks at the total amount spent on stock purchases.
  • The final metric is the average purchase price of the stocks purchased. If the current stock price is below the average purchase price (i.e. the trade is losing money), the executives will be very motivated to recoup those losses.

In this article, we take a look at the top 10 stocks with the highest insider sentiment scores and briefly review their recent developments.

HGEN / Humanigen Inc holds the 10th highest score on the Executive Sentiment Leaderboard with a score of 95.68. The clinical-stage ‘cytokine storm’-focused biopharmaceutical saw its share price drop more than -94% last year after the company announced in early July that its trial of its lenturumab candidate failed to meet its primary endpoint. Did.

HGEN, with a current market capitalization of just $18.4 million, has recently attracted investor buying activity after disclosing a settlement agreement with Catalent Pharma Solutions.

Four Humanigen insiders bought $5.42 million worth of stock at an average annual price of $2.57. At current stock levels, the loss on these executives’ stock purchases is he at 93.1%. Executives are looking to reignite momentum in the stock with a new change in strategy for the year ahead.

BODY / The Beachbody Company is ninth on the leaderboard with a score of 95.94. The American fitness and media company has fallen another -64.5% in 2022 after its share price fell since it went public at $10 due to his SPAC merger in February 2021.

BODY has a current market capitalization of $200 million and is expected to generate approximately $700 million in revenue. Investors are concerned about the company’s ability to turn a profit as the stock continues to report losses.

With four executives buying $6.39 million worth of stock at an average price of $1.44, the company’s executives are confident about the outlook. These executives have suffered a loss of -52.2% based on the current stock price. Insiders included the group’s CEO and COO.

EVA / Enviva Partners LP is in 8th place with an executive score of 96.24. Shares of the world’s largest wood pellet producer have fallen 35.6% since last year, but are still above pre-pandemic levels. EVA has a current market capitalization of $3.2 billion and a dividend yield of 7.5%.

Selling pressure was fueled by a brief attack from Blue Orca Capital in early October. Since the release of this report, Enviva’s six net corporate officers have purchased $2.92 million worth of his shares at an average price of $55.91. Officers are down about -8.5% on average for their trades.

IE / Ivanhoe Electric Inc is 7th on the leaderboard with an officer score of 96.41. The mineral exploration company’s shares rose 28.5% last year, and its market capitalization jumped to $1.3 billion.

Shares rose in early December when the company announced that its subsidiary had signed a milestone agreement with JCHX Mining to develop the Colombia-based Alaclan project.

Four Ivanhoe Electric executives bought $9.11 million worth of stock last year at $8.88 per share. The executive makes 64.2% of his profit from this cost price. Most recently, the chairman of Ivanhoe bought his 422,767 new shares on November 29 for $9.85 a share.

HLMN / Hillman Solutions Corp is sixth on the executive sentiment leaderboard with a score of 96.63. The hardware solutions provider’s stock price has risen more than 30% since the start of last year, and after gaining more than 20%, it has flattened out last year.

The company is generating healthy earnings from strong cash flow and currently expects 2022 revenue to be around $1.5 billion. Although the company has a competitive operating moat, it has not escaped a deterioration in profit margins due to rising cost inflation this year.

Six company executives, including the CEO and CFO, have purchased shares worth a total of $3.78 million in 2022. The executive has a minor capital loss of -3.4% based on the latest closing price.

PLAY / Dave & Buster’s Entertainment Inc is #5 on the Officer Sentiment Leaderboard with a score of 97.60. Shares of US restaurant and entertainment businesses rose +15.3% from last year.

The company reported third-quarter results in December, beating consensus revenue and profit expectations. Comparative sales increased throughout the year, with both segments reporting higher-than-expected sales.

A whopping nine company executives bought a total of $3.86 million worth of stock at an average price of $34.58 per share. The official played the cards correctly and based on the average purchase price he made a profit of 24.3%. Officers who purchased shares included the Group CMO, CTO, and her CFO. COO and CPO..

The BRP / BRP group is 4th on the leaderboard with an officer sentiment score of 97.60. Last year, the insurance group stock price he rose 1.4%. The stock, which first went public at a listing price of $14 in October 2019, has more than doubled since then.

In the group’s latest results for November, management highlighted the company’s continued double-digit organic growth across its platforms.

Six executives bought $6.47 million worth of stock last year at an average price of $27.47 per share. Insiders believe he’s made a 15.2% profit since buying the stake, and perhaps the company still has room to grow.

RILY / B. Riley Financial Inc ranked third with an officer score of 96.73. Shares of financial services companies have fallen 42.2% since last year, but are well above their pre-pandemic levels.

At the end of December, the company intends to provide updated fourth quarter guidance and report to investors an adjusted EBITDA figure of between $355 million and $365 million for the full year. I told you. Management expects the company to end the year with his $2.15 billion in cash and liquidity investments and his $2.5 billion in debt.

Four company executives purchased $41.68 million worth of stock at an annual average of $47.17. Officers are currently down -14.91% on average.

EE / Excelerate Energy Inc ranked second with an officer score of 98.16. Excelerate shares have traded broadly flat since going public in April 2022 at $24 per share. The company is a supplier of liquid natural gas energy solutions and will report that in 2022 it generated a positive Adjusted EBITDA of $274 million from $264 million.

Six of Excelerate’s executives purchased a total of $10 million worth of the company’s stock last year. All of the executives bought shares for $24 each as part of her IPO of the company, earning a 2% return.

CVNA/Carvana Co holds the top spot on the leaderboard with the highest officer sentiment score of 98.90. The online used-car dealer’s stock has fallen 95% since last year, bringing the company’s market capitalization to his $1.38 billion. Carvana was the fastest growing online used car dealer in the United States.

The company continues to lose money, and declining annual car sales continue to weigh on its share price.

Five directors purchased $167.09 million worth of CVNA stock last year at an average purchase price of $69.25. Executives have -89.86% of capital loss from this cost base.

Multiple purchases were made in November with prices ranging from $6.86 to $11.13.

Executives who purchased shares included Chief Product Officer Daniel Gill, Special Projects President Tom Talia, and Directors Greg Sullivan, Ira Pratt and Michael Maroon.

This story was originally published in Fintel.

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