15 Awesome Activities To Learn Two-Step Equations

Do you teach algebra? If multiple steps are required to solve ‘X’, you may be looking at a two-step equation. Multi-step equations can be tricky for some learners, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t fun. All you need is some encouraging collaboration and new activities to add a fun twist to your next lesson. Whether you’re looking for a quick math review game or a way to collect real-time student data, this list has you covered.

1. Worksheet relay race

This two-step equation partner activity will help you get extra practice just before exam day. She prints out two of these worksheets and has the students line them up in two rows after her. One student solves the first problem and gives the paper to the next student. The first line to finish with 100% accuracy wins!

More information: Math Worksheet 4 Kids

2. Worksheet Jigsaw Puzzle

This worksheet contains student responses and has five words. Divide students into her five teams and work together to solve their assigned problems. When finished, ask the volunteers in each group to share their answers.

More information: Math Worksheet 4 Kids

3. Cut and paste

After the students solve the problems, cut them out and put them in the right places. At the end of this independent practice, they have spelled out a secret message. This is one of the Equation activities that also works as a self-checking scavenger hunt.

Additional Information: Common Core Materials

4. Stained glass

Color coding, coloring, straight lines, and arithmetic all in one! Once the student has solved her two-step equation, use a ruler to connect the answer to the letter associated with that letter. The best part is knowing right away if the student has reached the correct answer.

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5. Online quiz game

This link provides a complete lesson plan for the 8 step equation. First, watch the video and discuss. Then learn vocabulary, read a little, practice word and number problems, and finally play an online quiz game.

More information: Generation Genius

6. Travel

Help Tyler’s family on a sightseeing tour of Philadelphia. The real-world scenario in this math activity offers a fun approach to learning two-step equations. This adventure activity leads students to Tyler’s vacation by helping him reach his destination safely.

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7. Around the room

Cut out each of these and have students solve them as they walk around the room. They add to the decor of the classroom and give students a chance to get out of their seats. Having a series of boards that students can write on as they move around the math classroom can help here.

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8. Make a flowchart

New ideas can become established just by taking notes while various activities are taking place. Virtual Manipulation may work here or on plain paper. Give students colored paper and markers to lay out a flowchart. Encourage them to save these notes for future algebra activities.

More information: Cue Math

9. Venn diagram

The link below explains what the two-step equation is, how to solve it, and finally the answers to your questions. Now let’s talk about the difference between the one-step formula and his two-step formula. Use this link as a subscribe activity and have the student submit a Venn diagram showing the difference between her one-step equation and her two-step equation by the end of the class.

More information: Cue Math

10. Play Hangman

Students will solve these equations to find the six-letter word at the top of this practice worksheet. If one of the answers matches the inequality below the blank line, start spelling the word using the letters in the box you just solved. The Hangman will start appearing when you solve a box that has no answer at the top.

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11. Play Kafuto

Review the set of questions for the digital review activity here. Kahoot offers a low-competition, easy self-checking activity. Gather a bunch of friends to complete this activity in your class.student answering correctly When Win fast!

Details: Kafuto

12. Play Battleship

Tired of Math Ship activities! To participate in this virtual activity, students need to know about positive and negative integers. Each time they solve a two-step equation in this independent activity, they attempt to sink their opponents. This fun activity is sure to make for a fun dinnertime story!

More information: Queer

13. Shoot hoop

This fun partner activity has a red team and a blue team. Bring competitiveness, engagement levels, and skill building with this in-class practice! Every time you answer a question correctly, your team earns points in the game.

More information: Arithmetic play

14. Word Wall Matchup

This is one of the best ready-made digital activities to keep in your back pocket, but it’s also perfect for cutting out your next mix-match activity. Students work together to match the equations to the words.

Learn more from this resource library: Word Wall

15. Play bingo

After spinning the wheel, you can resume playback or delete that section of the wheel in this two-step equation activity. You will need to print out the bingo forms for your students in advance. As the wheel spins, students mark their answers on their bingo cards.

More information: Word Wall

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