16 Engaging Layers Of The Earth Activities

Our Earth is a rather special planet. Beneath the crust where we all live and breathe are several complex layers, each with its own properties. How the Earth moves, and what continents and countries look like today, is due to the complex workings of these layers. It stimulates the students’ natural curiosity. Follow 16 incredible layers of Earth activity!

1. Layers of Earth Geology Craft

For younger students, start by building a simple spinning wheel that incorporates layers of the Earth. You will need colored paper, scissors, cards, and paper clasps to hold the layers together. As you build your spinning wheel, you can start telling your students what the various features of the Earth are called.

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2. Playdoh model

Learners of all ages will enjoy creating their own miniature earth using different layers of clay. The fun part is when students cut open the model to see the layers inside. You can extend this lesson by asking students to label each section and explain what each section does.

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3. Complement your practice with worksheets

Since this topic can be very hands-on, you may find it helpful to color and label the accompanying worksheet. These worksheets contain 3D layers and simple 2D drawings of him to complement different learners.

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4. How do we know? Research activities

Inquiring minds are a great way to develop independence and curiosity. Many students do not know that the earth has layers. So why not ask your students to do some research before teaching this topic? You can watch YouTube videos and create a list of questions to research.

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5. Trickier Worksheets

We all need that extra challenge from time to time. These worksheets are a little more wordy and contain more advanced thinking activities for students. Links geology and layers of the earth. Also useful as a summary quiz and homework!

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6.Earth project edible layer

Teaching overly specific information can be a bit difficult for younger students. Showcase your projects with edible baked goods and discover the layers of the earth in a practical way while cooking.

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7. Accurate 3D paper model

This is the one for older, more math-interested students. This is a 3D model of the Earth Paper activity. Incorporate mathematical knowledge by asking learners to calculate the correct thickness of a layer before labeling and coloring the layer.

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8. Online Quiz

Wordwall has a great collection of free online quizzes that test a student’s knowledge of the layers and structure of the Earth. You can even time your answers to a series of multiple-choice questions or compete with your friends.

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9. Collapsible Earth Model

This simple yet effective fold-out model shows the layers of the Earth beneath a picture of the planet. Extend your learning even further by labeling continents and even oceans!

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10.Earth Language Search

Develop your scientific and geographical vocabulary with this colorful and engaging word search. It contains all the keywords for the Earth layer topic. Introduce a timer or have learners compete in pairs to make this even more exciting.

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11. Earthlayer Card Sort

Think your students know who they are now? Test your knowledge with this card sorting activity. You have to match the correct information to each layer, cut it and paste it in place. Simple but effective!

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12. Song of the Layers of the Earth

Bring music learning into your classroom with this fun song and help your students remember the important structures of the Earth. Consider writing your own lyrics or poems to demonstrate what you’ve learned.

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13. Crossword puzzles

Combine knowledge and learning with this handy crossword puzzle. Students are given clues about parts of the Earth’s structure and must enter their answers into a grid.

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14. Teach young people

Use hands-on hands-on activities for the youngest members of your class. Create a colorful earth layer art project using colored rice to showcase the concept of a spherical earth. You can accompany this with a book or short video to make sure students understand the concepts.

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15. Understanding Activities

Improve your students’ reading comprehension with comprehension worksheets and quizzes. Students are required to read information and answer questions to demonstrate understanding.

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16. Use apples

The layers of the earth are very similar to the structure of an apple. If you want a healthier eating project, use this handy worksheet to have your students dissect an apple and compare and contrast the different layers!

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