16 Fantastic Farmers’ Market Activity Ideas

Taking kids to a farmers market is a great way to help them learn about healthy eating, build meaningful community connections, and learn first-hand about nature’s bounty through their five senses. They can also develop an appreciation for the earth, hardworking local farmers, and the effort it takes to grow food.

With math and literacy-based lesson plans, recipe ideas, books, videos, and creative hands-on activities, this collection is sure to keep kids engaged and exploring for hours.

1. Produce smell

Once you put the mystery produce in the box, blindfold them and have them guess what’s inside by touching and smelling the fruits and vegetables. Why not offer rewards as an additional incentive?

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2. Make the scavenger hunt a part of your annual family tradition

A scavenger hunt is a great way to develop problem-solving and concentration skills while finding a variety of fruits and vegetables. Kids will be thrilled with the gamification factor as they explore all the tantalizing sights, smells and tastes of the local market.

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3. Dramatic play ideas for the whole family

This adorable and dramatic play center is a great way to increase food literacy and appreciate locally grown produce. Have the kids cut out free food labels and pin them to baskets of different foods. Combine family bonding time with creativity for a sweet experience your kids won’t soon forget.

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4. Try a List of Common Produce Vendor Questions

Check out this list of questions kids can use to learn directly from vendors about mutant vegetables, dairy farmers, and how farmers grow delicious produce to support the larger community.

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5. Farmers Market Math Activity

Want to teach your kids math while learning about the abundance of food they found at your local farmers market? can be incorporated into your shopping budget.

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6. Farmers Market Word Search

This simple word search is an accessible option for early readers. Linking the developing vocabulary to Farmer’s shopping trips at her market can strengthen budding language skills.

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7. Read thematic books

Follow a young girl as she explores flowers, baked goods, and rainbow-colored fruits and vegetables into a vibrant book that will delight young readers. It’s also a great introduction to a farmer’s trip to her market. You can also combine it with a quick review activity after her day of grocery shopping.

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8. Watch a Farmer’s Market Video

This tour of Vancouver’s famous Granville Island Farmers Market takes viewers on an exciting adventure. Can the kids find all the seagulls on the pier, find all the yellow, green and purple vegetables, and track the farmer’s name?

For more information: Brecky Breck

9. Fresh Produce Shopping Memory Game

This fun farmer’s market memory game combines vocabulary and critical thinking and challenges players to match items on their shopping list with the correct cards.

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10. Favorite food count and graph

This counting and graphing activity cleverly combines basic math skills with the opportunity to teach kids about healthy eating habits using colorful farmer’s market illustrations. Can be combined with aggregates, bar charts, or pie charts for additional data skills practice.

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11. Count coins at the farmers market

Farmers markets are a great place to learn how to count money and the value of different coins and bills. Connecting mathematical learning to real-world applications is a great way to enhance memory and motivate student learning.

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12. Create a Farmer’s Market Map

Help little farmers learn location words and geometry vocabulary with this fun market mapping activity. Can they map all produce and label each stall correctly?

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13. Learn Vocabulary with Flashcards

These vibrant flashcards are an easy way to teach counting, fruit and vegetable names, and categories as well as nurture young imaginations through imaginative play. Kids can also use them to match real-life products on family outings to the local market.

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14. Farmer’s Market Printable Pack

This enlightening farmer’s market collection is filled with addition and subtraction tasks as well as hands-on sequencing exercises. Students can weigh and contrast healthy and unhealthy foods while considering what choices to make on a local trip.

More information: The Fraggle Momma

15. Try STEAM-based Activities

Pretend play with colorful produce is a great opportunity to teach important critical thinking skills. Young learners can discuss what to see at the Farmer’s Market, fruit prices, and whether to become a buyer or a seller.

More information: Memories Keeper

16. Enjoy Farmer’s Market Recipes

This delicious collection of recipes makes comparing, smelling and tasting all the products more enjoyable. Why not let your kids pick from recognizable foods and decide which meals they want to prepare at home later?

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