17 Brilliant Diamond Shape Activities for Preschoolers

We are surrounded by diamond-shaped objects, but most preschoolers need help identifying them. Learning this common form helps young learners identify and organize visual information and helps promote reading, math and science skills.

This fun collection of diamond-shaped activities includes hands-on sorting games, books, videos, puzzles, and crafts designed to keep preschoolers actively learning.

1. Diamond shape sorter

With a diamond-shaped opening, this hands-on sorting toy lets young learners practice matching and sorting 12 different geometric shapes. Its bright and attractive design is sure to attract attention for hours.

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2. Diamond cutout

Using card stock and diamond-shaped cookie cutters, let little ones practice cutting out diamond shapes to create their own crafts and decorations. Try adding hands, arms, legs and faces for more creative fun.

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3. Enjoy diamonds

Featuring a talking doll, this short video incorporates a game in which viewers find and identify diamond shapes among a variety of shapes. Why not quiz your students later to reinforce their learning?

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4. Diamond Maze

Diamond Maze Printable Worksheet

Preschoolers can practice recognizing the geometry of a diamond by completing this printable maze for students. You can also color the diamonds for reinforcement or cut them to create patterns or your own artistic designs.

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5. Diamond shape matching

This Halloween-themed resource helps students recognize diamond shapes by matching spooky characters of various sizes. Distinguishing between diamonds and ellipses is a great way to practice comparing and contrasting skills.

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6. A diamond-shaped book that teaches shapes

With colorful pictures of diamond-shaped kites, cookies and toys, this engaging book teaches children how to spot the ubiquitous diamonds, including mathematical patterns. It’s also a great way to practice reading and listening skills while helping young learners connect with the text.

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7. Play with diamond toys

Encourage your preschooler’s logical and critical thinking skills with this diamond-shaped toy. Learners can improve their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills while enjoying the creative building process. This is also a great option for discussing the differences between the 2D shape and her 3D shape, and the characteristics of each.

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8. Error-free diamond activity

form of music

Cut out the rhombus pieces in large letters and place them around the room. Play music while your preschooler dances, then stop and call her one of the letters to find and sit down. This activity is perfect for kinesthetic learners who need movement and physical engagement to connect with new concepts.

More information: Digit Dyslexia

9. Diamond Cutout Craft

These adorable fish are a quick and easy way to familiarize your kids with the shape of a diamond. Why not embellish them with sequins and glitter to make them even more sparkly? Reading the book Rainbow Fish can be a simple extension activity.

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10. Actual diamond shape

Realistic 2D Diamond clip art by Sarah Pecorino

Begin by having students identify the names of these various lozenge-shaped objects before showing them actual lozenge-shaped objects such as kites and rings. You can also encourage students to bring their own items, or have them identify diamond-shaped objects around the classroom to extend the lesson.

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11. Diamond Picture Web

Cut out and glue diamond shapes to this interconnected web and let the children practice connecting and identifying this major shape. As an extended language arts activity, you can have students write down the names of each object and practice reading them aloud.

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12. Kite Cookies

shortbread diamond jammies

Try baking these delicious cookies in the shape of a kite for preschoolers to decorate and eat while learning about diamond-shaped objects. Getting your hands dirty in the kitchen not only makes family bonding time fun, but it also creates a seamless learning opportunity.

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13. Diamond Shaped Miniature Kite

Students will love making their own little diamond-shaped kites using cupcake liners and string, and using colored construction paper to add their own creativity with bows and other embellishments. Besides being simple and economical, this adorable craft makes a lovely keepsake or gift.

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14. Play Matching Games

This matching game is a fun way to improve your memory, shape recognition and matching skills while learning how to identify all the major 2D shapes. Students can contribute by cutting out cards and labeling them to strengthen their memory.

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15. Diamond Bingo

Geometric Shapes Bingo Printable Cards: Hearts, Diamonds, Ovals, Rectangles, Stars

These printable bingo cards feature hearts, stars, and diamonds to help students learn to distinguish different shapes. Why not throw in treats to increase the fun, or ask the classroom leader to call out the names of the shapes?

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16. Create Fun Multi-Colored Photos

kite coloring sheet

This kite coloring activity is an easy way to reinforce the symmetry of the diamond shape, helping children more easily identify the shape in the world around them. It’s an activity and a great brain-training option during preschool classes.

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17. View Diamond Shape PowerPoint

2D Shape Diamond PowerPoint

This engaging and engaging PowerPoint offers colorful examples of various lozenge-shaped objects and features adorable characters that will capture your students’ attention. There are several questions posted throughout. Create natural discussion breaks and engage language learners.

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