17 Cool Camel Crafts And Activities 

Children are crazy about animals. If you’re teaching learners about camels, which are ships in the desert, you might want to try a craft activity. To ensure an unforgettable lesson, use the fun camel craft ideas below and be sure to include many activities that introduce your students to camels, their life, their habitat, and more. Here are 17 must-have camel crafts for kids.

1. DIY camel mask

Download this easy craft camel mask template from the internet. Attach ribbons or rubber bands to the designated holes and have the children wear them to create a camel caravan.

More information: Kid Zoo

2. bill camel activity

This is an easy craft. Even for toddlers! Just smear the palm of your child with brown paint and press the handprint onto the paper. Then you can add bumps and googly eyes to help get a little more artistic.

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3. Clothespin craft

This craft idea involves printing a camel and cutting out the body. The learner then attaches her two clothespins as legs and then uses glue to glue them to her two googly eyes.

Details: Amazon

4. Popsicle Stick Camel Craft

Be sure to save your popsicle sticks for this popsicle stick craft! One of the easiest crafts is to make a folding camel and use a hot glue gun to attach his two ice cream sticks to each end of the body. This fun craft comes together quickly, giving learners more time to teach them about rare camel breeds such as the Bactrian camel.

More information: cool kids crafts

5. Egg pack camel craft

Egg packs depict the natural hump, making them perfect for camel crafts and activities. In this craft, 2 carton cups make the body and 1 carton cup makes the head. Before drawing the camel’s facial features, paint it brown and add the foot sticks.

More information: Pinterest

6. Toilet paper roll craft

For this craft, you’ll need art supplies such as toilet paper rolls for the camel’s body and head, and thin stems for the legs. These cute camel crafts can also be used as toys.

Details: Red Ted Art

7. Fancy Paper Camel Craft

In this easy craft, make a cute paper camel and decorate it with acrylic gems, sprinkles, and other items to make it fancy.

More information: Craft Sweet Craft

8. Cotton ball craft

The camel’s body and head require 1 large cork and 1 small cork. He sticks two of his balls of cotton on the upper side of a large cork to create two bumps. Cover with orange or brown kraft paper. For the legs, use four toothpicks. Attach the wire to the side of the cork and insert the small cork into the free end. Bring your camel to life by painting facial features on a small cork.

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9. DIY Origami Camel

This exciting activity produces the most beautiful little camels. All you need is a sheet of craft paper, an inexpensive art supply. Find easy-to-follow video tutorials and follow step-by-step instructions to make your own origami camel.

More information: Origami 4ik

10. Printable camel craft

Print out the craft and have the kids color it in this easy craft for kids. Print double-humped and single-humped camels and teach your students the difference.

More information: Activity Village

11. Camel folding craft

A fun folding craft where you make a giant camel body and fold it to make a normal sized camel. Tell the children to write on each fold what he gets from the camel (milk, meat, vehicle).

Learn more: Artsy Craftsy Mom

12. Desert in a Box Activity

desert diorama for kids

Take a transparent box and fill it with a layer of sand. Attach cut-out camels, trees, and more to the sides to create a fun diorama.

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13. Puppet Craft

To make a camel puppet you will need fleece and brown felt fabric. You can make animal puppets.

Learn more: Tucson Puppet Lady

14. Tone paper craft

This activity helps children learn about the natural habitat of camels. Have the learners build a desert scene with different colors of sandpaper. They make sand dunes, desert native plants, and of course camels themselves!

More information: Joe Jacks

15. 3D Cardboard Camel

This super simple 3D activity will help kids get more creative and understand 3D pictures and drawings. Simply download the template, tape it to the cardboard, cut it out and assemble the box.

More information: Adhil Rosh Mirshad

16. camel silhouette card

Kids love card making and this is perfect for both card making and camel activities. Create sand and wavy dunes using different colored craft papers.

Details: Instructor

17. Camel Hanging

For a fun activity, make a camel wreath with your students. Bring your camel unit to life by hanging your finished craft in your classroom. There are similar elephant crafts that utilize materials found around the house and can be incorporated into lessons to make learning more fun.

Details: I value every idea – IVEI

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