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The 17-year-old boy has been a part of Everybody’s inclusive cause for nine years since the registered charity opened its doors to Crew and Cheshire East.

As his instructor saw, Noah Shaw has grown over the years.

The Abilities for All program consists of a comprehensive set of activities for all age groups with disabilities or lifelong conditions.

Noah Shaw is currently enjoying holiday activities in Crewe and Nantwich, including the Crewe Lifestyle Center (Ryan Parker).

Andy Molyneux, Disability and Inclusion Lead for Everyone Health and Leisure, was proud of Noah’s growth and growing confidence.

Molyneux told Nub News:

Participating in the Ability for All program gives Noah the opportunity to spend time with other adults and children by playing the sport he loves, and he always looks forward to participating.

Noah participates in the activities of Ability for All.

He currently enjoys Crewe and his holiday activities in Nantwich, Holmes Chapel’s Activities Hub, and inclusive cycling sessions at the Ulsager Leisure Centre.

Molyneux said:

Everyone Health and Leisure is proud of Noah Shaw’s growth and confidence growth (Nub News).

“When Noah joins our activity hub, he likes to try different activities, especially badminton, boccia and cricket in the summer.

“He’s so good at badminton now that the staff have to take turns playing him, and he always has a cheeky smile when he runs the staff around the court.

“Noah is very confident with the adapted bike and regularly hits the target number of laps he set each time.

“During the 2021 lockdown, he regularly participated in cycling sessions at the Macclesfield Leisure Center to help with his health and well-being.”

Noah feels supported and believes that the Everyone staff will be happy to play sports and entertain him.

The Cheshire East Council (Ryan Parker) commissioned Everybody Health and Leisure to provide the ‘Short Break’ activity.

All the instructors know Noah and encourage him to try different activities when he needs a break so he continues to grow.

Noah enjoys sports, but joining a regular sports club would be difficult.

Everyone’s sessions give him the opportunity to exercise without feeling pressured and having fun while choosing what he wants to do without any judgment.

Noah’s mother, Jacqueline Shaw, said: “Noah has so many activities and bikes to choose from that he can sit down and do activities when he gets tired.

“Otherwise, Noah spends a lot of time at home and doesn’t do much exercise, so it’s great that these sessions take place.

“It’s also nice that his sister can participate in some activities. The location is ideal for us.”

Noah Shaw feels supported and believes the Everyone staff are willing to play sports and entertain him (Nub News).

Everyone Health and Leisure has been commissioned by the Cheshire East Council to provide a ‘Short Break’ activity.

These activities allow parents and caregivers to take a short break by leaving their children with designated staff who will support them.

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