18 Bunny Activities Kids Will Love

Spring is the perfect season to make bunny crafts and get your kids involved in educational bunny activities. , keeps you busy. From bunny craft ideas to bunny literacy lessons, this list has all the bunny activities you need. Here are 18 bunny activities your learners will love.

1. Rabbit on toilet paper roll

This adorable bunny craft uses empty toilet roll rolls. Color the core of the toilet paper or paint it and cut it to make a cute baby bunny. more fun. Kids can use bunny rolls as stamps. You can also make egg-shaped stamps to add to Bunny-Her craft creations.

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2.Q Chip Bunny Craft

In this activity, your child will use cotton swabs to create a perfect bunny. Children attach cotton swabs to paper plates to make bunny faces. Then attach the cut paper plates to the ears and the puffball to the nose.

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3. Rabbit paper plate

In this activity, you will use paper plates to make a cute bunny face. Children use paper plates as faces, glue googly eyes, pom pom noses, pipe cleaner whiskers, draw mouths and attach ears.

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4. Bunny Alphabet Game

This is a great activity to help kids recognize letters in a fun, bunny-themed way! Parents print out the bunny alphabet game and kids draw the letters on the sidewalk. Children then pull each letter out of the basket and hop onto matching letters on the sidewalk.

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5. Bunny mask

This is a cute rabbit craft for children to play and play with. Make a mask out of a paper plate and decorate it like a rabbit. Children use pipe cleaners to remove their beards and decorate their ears with colored construction paper.

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6. Rabbit finger puppet

These bunny crafts are so cute. Children use construction paper to make a rabbit figure. Then you can make two holes in the bottom of the bunny so you can put your fingers through it.

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7. Bunny Bookmark

This super easy craft is fun and cute. Children use popsicle sticks to make bunny bookmarks. You can decorate popsicle sticks with markers or paint them to look like rabbits. Children can then use the fine tipped marker to draw on the eyes, whiskers and nose.

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8. Sock Bunny

These sock bunnies require no sewing. They are quick and easy to make and look like cute rabbits. All you need is a pair of brightly colored socks, a tapered marker, a ribbon, and a rubber band.

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9. Feed the rabbits

This activity requires numbered carrots and a rabbit with a mouth cut out. Children take turns putting carrots into the bunny’s mouth as quickly as possible. Kids can play this on their own or with friends and it helps build fine motor skills!

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10. How to count carrots

This counting activity encourages kids to help Bunny plant carrots. Children count carrots and plant the numbers on the cards in the bunny’s garden. Children practice counting skills, number recognition and fine motor skills.

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11. Bunny Painting

This painting craft is perfect for spring projects. Children use the outline of the rabbit and fill it with paints. Kids can explore different patterns and textures using a variety of household materials such as bubble wrap, sponge, and saran wrap.

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12. Sticky Rabbit

This bunny activity helps kids practice their fine motor skills. Make a rabbit decal using contact paper, tape, construction paper, and cotton balls. Then the children decorate the bunny with sticky notes and cotton balls.

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13. Fork painting

This unique painting craft is perfect for school and home. Kids can use a plastic fork to dip into the paint to create their own bunny painting. They use their forks like paintbrushes and decorate their paintings with rabbit-like googly eyes, ears and noses.

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14. Rabbit Handprint

This craft requires white and pink paint and hands. Children use handprints to create the outline of the rabbit. Then add eyes, a pink nose, and ears to complete.

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15. Runaway Bunny

Read aloud is a great way to introduce a unit or start a series of activities. The Runaway Bunny is a book that goes well with rabbit crafts and snacks. Kids make bunny crafts after reading The Runaway Bunny.

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16. Rabbit Envelope

These cute bunny envelopes are a great way to encourage your child to send letters. Kids can write letters to friends and family for Easter and send them in these handmade envelopes!

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17. “B” is for bunnies

In this activity, you will use cotton balls to make bunny letter cards. Children make the letter “B” and use the googly eyes and markers to make the bunny’s face. They can use construction paper to make ears.

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18. Sound matching

This is a matching sound and letter activity that helps children develop literacy skills. Children match the picture of the Easter basket with the sound at the beginning of the picture, then with another picture showing the same sound as the picture.

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