20 Memorable Music And Movement Activities For Preschoolers

Music and motor activities are integral to a preschooler’s daily repertoire. They aid in a myriad of developmental skills, including physical development, social, listening, language, and motor skills! provide a fun way to incorporate physical activity into your child’s routine. You can rest assured knowing

1. Movement in transition

Use these cute arctic animal movement cards to help transition between activities. Draw a card to tell the children which Arctic animal they must imitate in order to progress to the next activity.

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2. Winter-themed brain training

Get your preschooler’s attention with these winter-themed brain teasers and get them wiggling after focusing on learning. Toddler like a penguin or scoop like a snow shovel to wake up after lunch or a nap and get ready to learn.

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3. Singing ability

Teach young children what is fast/slow, loud/soft, stop/go while singing to promote early musical skills with these fun and easy printables that promote literacy and direction following. teach children.

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4. Sensory music and movement

Use this sensory stretchy band with fun songs to get kids moving around and wiggling their energy. Students enjoy touching and feeling the different textures of the band as they hold, bounce and change locations throughout the song.

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5. Shake off the fool

Preschool teachers everywhere enjoy this classic, fun piece of music that not only improves their listening skills, but also helps them shake off the wiggles of overstimulated little ones and focus on the challenges ahead. would appreciate it.

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6. Freeze Dance

This is a popular action song for preschoolers, requiring them to practice their motor skills by performing the classic Freeze Dance. Getting kids to react to stop and start by wearing a hat can promote brain development and keep them entertained with giggling and dancing.

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7. Music and counting activities

This movement song requires kids to practice number recognition and key math skills by using their fingers, counting numbers, and singing fun songs. All or part of the video he uses throughout the day.

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8. Go bear hunting

This classic recitation easily transitions into movement activities with the help of songs. It’s a combination of movement, repetition, and a little imagination that preschoolers will enjoy.

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9. Ribbon ring

Ribbon rings are a super fun way to keep your preschooler moving. Listen to classical music and watch them “ballet” around the room. Help children by showing them different ways to move the ribbon rings to create flowing fun.

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10. Walking Line

Move outdoors to basketball courts and sidewalks. Use sidewalk chalk to create different lines with different patterns and shapes and have your students walk the lines. This helps with gross motor skills and is a fun challenge of balance and movement.

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11. Limbo

Who doesn’t like the frontier? It’s a must-have for summer parties, but it’s also something you can add to your movement and musical repertoire. Kids love a challenge and the upbeat music encourages them to move and see how low they can go!

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12. Mindfulness Music Yoga

Sleeping Bunnies is just one version of this activity that requires body control and listening skills. It provides intermittent motion to get your blood flowing and wake your brain up.

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13. Hot Potato

This fast-paced game is a great musical activity for kids to play! You can use beanbags, paper balls, or any other ball you have rolling. You can buy this adorable beanbag that is programmed and looks like a real potato.

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14. Balloon Keep Up

This particular game is outlined for students with disabilities, but as the general saying goes, what’s good for diversity is good for everyone! You have to keep it on and work with your buddies to avoid hitting the ground.

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15. Preschool Drumming Echo

Instill a sense of rhythm in your toddler with the help of this fun beat-focused activity. In this game all you have to do is create a beat that kids can resonate with. It can be played with buckets and drumsticks, triangles, or purchased drum materials.

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16. Loud and Soft Challenge

With the John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt song, kids need to wait until the end of the refrain and practice their self-control and ability to understand the dynamics to really shout and yell!

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17. Musical Painting

This activity combines art and music for a great emotional development session. While listening to the music you have chosen, have the children draw what they think they hear. This works as a great relaxing activity before a nap.

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18. glow stick drumming

Liven up your preschooler’s drum session with glow sticks. This strategy adds a visual element to an already rich experience.

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19. Scarf Dance

There are multiple ways to host a scarf dance, but this video will help add direction and listening skills to your ideas. Just add a scarf and the kids will have a blast. Directional words are sometimes displayed on the screen to enhance reading comprehension.

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20. Instrument matching game

This video helps preschoolers learn the sounds of musical instruments and tune into each one. They will love the characters in this video and how funny it is. You can pause and start this video many times to help guide your learners.

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