After all this time playing Destiny I’ve often wondered why the hell I keep playing this game. I mean the story isn’t great, and there really isn’t enough content to warrant the constantly replays, yet here I am still playing the same missions over and over. I’ve played the game so much that I’ve built two character classes over level 20. So what is exactly that makes people play this game and champion it to others? The answer lies in the mechanics and the loot system.

At its core Destiny is an excellent first-person shooter. If you were a fan of the shooting mechanics of Halo then you will find yourself right at home with Destiny. Shooting feels precise and doesn’t have the ‘floaty’ feel of some lesser shooters. When you aim your gun you know you are going to hit the target.  As a FPS, Destiny can go toe-to-toe with Battlefield and Call of Duty…it’s just a fun experience overall.  And that is the main hook for Destiny, it’s just a great shooter.  When the story falls flat and missions become redundant, the game relies on its prowess as a shooter to bring you to the finish line. But what if mechanics don’t mean that much to you? Then get ready for one of the most addicting and frustrating loot systems this side of the Milky Way.

Eris Morn Screenshot

At some point in playing Destiny you will run across people with a yellow number by their name. Those people who have the yellow numbers, myself included, have become slaves to the loot system–We have to get that purple armor. For the uninitiated, Destiny ties in the RPG element by creating three different character classes(Hunter,Titan, and Warlock) each with their own abilities and play styles.  The one fault with the class structure is that there isn’t much difference between the classes.  All three classes can wield the same weapons with the same efficiency so your choice of classes is based upon whether you want to play as a tank, stealth/assassin, or wizard.

Where the game tries to make up for the lack of diversity among the classes is by focusing on loot drops that contain different armor and weapons.  For level 1 – 20 your loot drops are limited to “uncommon” and “rare” armor/weapons.  However, once you make it to level 20, the addiction begins.  You see, once you reach level 20 the only way to level up your character is by equipping and upgrading legendary armor.  And finding legendary armor isn’t as easy as buying the armor from the armory with your currency, that would be too easy.  You the only way to get legendary armor is by collecting vanguard currency by completing various missions or being lucky enough to get some armor from a random loot drop or from the crucible.   And this is probably the biggest hook for many of us.  Once you get that first piece of purple armor you have to get the rest.  And it starts as simple as repeating a few mission for random loot drops.  Next thing you know you have Destiny schedule.

Destiny Guardians

Destiny is still a polarizing game for many gaming communities. Yes, the game can get repetitive and you will run the same mission multiple times.  The story isn’t great, honestly it’s pretty forgettable.  But that isn’t why we play Destiny.  We play because Bungie created a solid FPS with a loot system that toes a fine line between fair and frustrating.  The first time you log in and complete your first strike mission you become hooked.  You enjoy playing strike missions on various difficulty levels because the human element always creates a new experience for every mission you play, and the loot drops are usually icing on the cake.   So if you’ve been on the fence about Destiny you need to ask yourself a few questions.

  • Do you enjoy Bungie FPSs?
  • Are you a fan of loot systems like Borderlands and Diablo?
  • Do you like playing with people online?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you’d probably be a fan of Destiny.  And in that case it’s time to hop off the fence and check it out.

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  1. My only major complaint is that it is almost impossible to chat with other players. basically negating the social aspect of the game since none of my friends play.

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