This post is an update to the E3 review from the Black Perspective. Below are videos that were submitted via Twitter. Enjoy!

The two videos come from Andrien Gbinigie, the Community Manager for Assassin’s Creed. Each of these videos feature Andrien during Ubisoft Events.

Exclusive Content Video One 1:44:30 mark

Exclusive Content Video Two Start to 0:39:25 Mark

The next Video comes by way of Prog who hip to the game regarding the Nintendo World Championships.  I had a chance to go through the video and found many of us were commentators during the championship.  Below the video will be time marks with links to the commentators’ Twitter accounts.  If you see anyone else in the video that I didn’t mention just let me know in the comment section below.

1:44:30 and 2:09: 25 Andre from Black Nerd Comedy

3:01:45 – D1 (D’Ron)

3:31:49 – Eric or Erik From Nintendo Treehouse

Last is a Treehouse Live video while trying to get social media info for Eric (if anyone knows please post in the comments)

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