Two things happen on Friday, Nintendo releases the Switch and of course the most important – my birthday. And while the idea of the switch as a personal gift seems like a great idea, I’m actually going to wait on buying one. And you should too. Here’s a quick list of why you should wait on picking up a Switch day one.

1) Bundles Galore

I’ve learned my lesson buying the Xbox One on release day. Like death and taxes there is always the enviable holiday bundle….or new game bundle, or bundle just for the hell of releasing a bundle. The console you broke your neck to get is casually bundled with popular games for less than what you originally paid. Nintendo, like the other console makers is notorious for various bundles. The 3DS was released with various game tie-ins during its lifetime. Why buy early, paying full retail for systems’ most popular games when you can wait for a discounted bundle?

2) Switch 2.0

If this generation has taught us anything it’s that the console life cycle has changed. From memory upgrades to more power, the console you buy on day one will be obsolete sooner than you hoped. The Playstation 4 has the pro, Xbox has the One S and the upcoming Scorpio. Even Nintendo has released improved hand held. I suspect that the Switch will be no different. More memory, better battery, or a better screen. One of these things or all of them will find their way to the Switch a year or two after the release. Every time I buy a console day one, there’s alway a smaller, lighter version that follows shortly behind it and usually in a color that I wish I had.

3) Games and Virtual Console

This one is debatable depending on the role this console will play in your gaming rotation, but just stick with me for a moment. When I bought Wii U, I already owned a PS4 and Xbox One. I wanted a Wii U because I’ve always bought the latest Nintendo console. Usually, it pays off. With the Wii I didn’t have many games but I did have the Virtual Console and the games I did have were fun, but it soon found its way to land of forgotten toys. The same happened with the Wii U, only quicker. The lack of a strong Virtual Console library and lack of games outside of the Nintendo products meant it was only months before it started to collect dust.

With the Switch we have no idea what the Virtual Console library will look like and for those of us who are game enthusiasts there is only one game on release that we care about – Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild. After that it’s the waiting game. Why spend $300 upfront for a weak launch lineup? Legend of Zelda, while it’s going to be a great game, isn’t going anywhere. You can always wait until the library fills out before you buy the system.

Good Things Come to Those who Wait

Come Friday Nintendo will release another great product. It’s going to have the charm that the company is known for and a game that everyone has been dying to play. But with a crowded March and a backlog of games, why rush to pick up the Switch? History has taught us that console manufacturers always ‘upgrade’ the console after the release. From multiple bundles to hardware upgrades buying day one just doesn’t make sense like it used to. If you’re like me, your best bet is to do what you can to make yourself wait. Because the last thing you want is to buy the Switch day one and come holiday season there’s a Mario bundle with a new color and more memory.

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