Ever since Bungie has released Destiny, I’ve become a super fan of the shared world/MMO/loot driven games.  Monster Hunter: World is a shared world with a broad system of customizations and loot to grind for.  The premise is simple, you’re part of the fifth fleet, and your job is to study the monsters of the New World, more specifically find the Elder Dragon, Zorah Magdaros, who’s migrated to the island for some unknown reason.  The gameplay cycle is pretty simple:

  • You visit a section of the island
  • Hunt various monsters based on questions, investigations, or expeditions
  • Collect resources from killed or captured monsters
  • Create new gear and weapons
  • Rinse and repeat

It’s a simple cycle that opens up as you progress through the game. You can also go fishing, capture small creatures that you can then place in your room, and even study the monsters you can hunt. And it’s the studying of the monsters that makes the game so appealing.

Thrill of The Hunt

What I’ve come to enjoy about MHW various ways in which you can complete a task.  You can kill a monster, or capture them for more rewards. You can engage as soon as you spot a monster or you can collect information from their tracks, opening up new opportunities to exploit their weaknesses.  You can even play solo or with people around the world.  The choice is yours.

Adding to that choice are the weapons available to you.  There are 14 unique weapons each with their own play style and upgrade trees.  What weapon you choose depends on how you like to play.  My current weapon is the Hunting Horn followed by Insect Glaive, Long Sword and finally the Dual Wield (what can I say I love variety).


Should You Buy This Game?

Whenever I tell people about a game I usually follow it up by breaking down if the game is something they would like.  If you’re looking for something that explains how everything works or that you can just jump in and play this might not be the game for you.  If you’re not fond of grinding in video games this definitely isn’t the game for you because you will hunt the same monster over and over so you can collect certain resources to craft specific gear.

However, if you like games like Destiny, Diablo, The Division and other loot based games then I think you will enjoy this. I’ve already put 60 hours into this game and I’m sure I’ll pass the 100-hour mark pretty easily.

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