Yesterday Netflix followed the surprise release of Cloverfield Paradox during the Super Bowl with another surprise release – Chris Rock’s latest stand-up: Tamborine. And while the personal jury is still out on the actual stand up, what’s more, significant is Netflix doing something that I wish more companies would do – drop products quickly after an announcement. We live in a world where nothing is secret. Take the iPhone. There was a time where the only way you were going to learn about a future iPhone was if someone happened to leave a prototype in a bar. Now, we know what the next iPhone will look like the day after Apple releases a new phone.

I wish more companies would follow Netflix because the response for the community tends to work in their favor. A few years ago Bethesda kept Fallout 4 under wraps, and when they finally demoed the game, the release date was months after. Not years, but months. Many of us in the gaming community were excited that we would be playing this game in a matter of months instead of wondering when we would have a chance to play the game *cough Kingdom Hearts III*. The instant release takes us back to the days before the internet. Back when everything seemed like a surprise because you didn’t know what was coming.

I’m always going to be on the side of the immediate release. Even Nike, when they have sneak releases are often met with praise because it was random, and no one was expecting the shoe to be out so soon. In a world where information disseminates quickly online, and marketers like to build hype as long as they can, it feels good to get something in my hands before marketers burn me out from a barrage of information for a year and some change.

Published by Charles M.

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