If you’ve ever listened to Biggie’s ‘Ten Crack Commandments’ or watched a movie about the drug game, you know there are certain rules to which every drug dealer must abide by to achieve success. One of those is ‘never get high on your own supply’; the second being ‘never deal crack where you rest at.’ Even if you’ve never heard the song, or watched a movie about gangsters and drugs there is one thing you know to be true. Drugs are bad. Hell, even drug dealers acknowledge the destructive power of drugs. So when the people who make the social networks begin to repeat the same mantras as street pharmacists, you know you have a problem.

There’s a quiet movement happening within the tech industry. The original creators of popular software that use every day have come out saying that the social networks and hardware that we all come to love and enjoy is about as bad as crack. Large-scale companies are drug dealers, and they were digital dope boys. For some it’s not a surprise, everyone is looking down. We move digitally in the same manner as the drug addicts we see in movies – walking like zombies, attached to things that slowly take away our individuality.

But what is a surprise are the actions these digital pushers are taking to change the narrative. Having their children attend schools without technology and even banning specific hardware in the home. They’ve also formed organizations to combat the way companies like Google design their software.

This change in tone from developers begs the question – if the people creating all this “wonderful” software are beginning to speak out against it, isn’t it time we seriously start to discuss the impact of software on our daily lives? Should we look at social media like one would cocaine or any other hard substance? That isn’t to say we should through it all out because there are good things that come with all this new technology. But, the days of blindly accepting technology without actually looking at the cost seem to be over.


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Published by Charles M.

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