Instead of writing a review, I decided to keep a journal of my thoughts while playing the game.  It’ s more honest and raw thoughts and something I can update often. If you like be sure to subscribe to the site to keep updated on new posts.

I don’t know how I feel about the game’s transitions between animation and gameplay. On a positive, the game is definitely from a  Japanese studio – from the choice of music to the way cutscenes the dialogue boxes are designed.  It has that old-school JRPG feel that I like. What’s interesting is that I haven’t done much regarding actually playing the game. I’ve cleaned my room, visited the new school, watched a bunch of cutscenes, but that’s it. I’m left wondering if I would be better served just watching the anime on Crunchyroll.


I guess I’ll get used to the shifts between cutscenes and gameplay (like I have a choice), but they’re pretty jarring. I hate how I go from a beautifully animated cutscene to controlling my character. The art is dope, but the game feels a little on the PS2/3 side. Would the transitions be better if the developer went with a different art style for gameplay? Where games like Horizon and God of War are beginning to blend the lines of cinematics and gameplay, this just feels off.

Game Difficulty

This has less to do with the game and more about my thoughts on game difficulty. When’s the last time anyone played a game on easy? I’ve always selected Normal or Hard because it’s something I’m trained to do.  I hate to say it, but it feels like I’m less of a gaming purist if I decided to play on easy. Does anyone every play on easy just to enjoy the story? I wonder what the data says about the choices we make when it comes to difficulty settings. We live in the Dark Souls era where every game as to be tough as shit or else it isn’t worth talking about. But does that actually equate to a good time? I’m tempted to play this game on easy just to see what happens.

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