When Microsoft and Sony introduced the current generation, I can remember being a bit underwhelmed. It wasn’t that either console performed poorly, it’s that neither of them matched the hype. They were good but not second coming good. Of course, this is partly because most of us were still using 1080p televisions. After the 3D hype, I was one of those people who decided to chill on 4K technology. As such, I had my older plasma TV and the day one Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Fast forward to this weekend, and I think I finally experienced what the promise made by both companies. After purchasing the Samsung Q6F (shout out to Best Buy on the deal) and upgrading to an Xbox One X, I played Red Dead Redemption 2. It’s the first game on this new tv and Xbox. It’s fucking fantastic. Seriously, this is how all games should look, and maybe I need to go back and discover some games that now have this upgrade.

I don’t know what the future holds for consoles, but I must say what is happening on this Xbox One X is a promise fulfilled. So what about Red Dead 2? It’s fun but flawed.

Here’s the thing about Rockstar Games. They have a fantastic presentation and storytelling. Running around the snowy mountains in chapter one was break taking. Voice acting is top notch, and it’s dope to see a young John Marston. What isn’t that great is actually doing shit. I don’t know what it is, but it’s like Rockstar can’t get combat right. Maybe it’s all the hours playing Destiny 2, but the shoot mechanics never seem that tight. In shootouts, I never really feel in control of Arthur Morgan. The cover mechanic works, but I have a hard time decerning what is considered a cover point and what’s just decoration. Bullet time finds it’s way back into the fold, but it’s not something I want to depend on just yet. I guess what I’m saying is that when the action starts, everything feels stiff which is crazy because the presentation is on point. With the world just opening up in chapter 2, I’m hoping that the feel of the game will grow on me and not become a pain point because this game is dope as hell(thus far).

Published by Charles M.

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