How important is fast travel? On the one hand, it’s something you don’t know how much you’ll miss until it’s gone. On the other, fast travel eliminates some of the need to explore. In keeping with the game’s sense of western reality, I have yet to discover how to fast travel from known locations. Sometimes, it’s a pain in the ass. Like when I finished hunting a legendary bear and just wanted to fast travel back to camp. But I couldn’t, I had to ride my horse all the way back. The funny thing is, it wasn’t as boring as I thought it would be. On the way back I saved a stranger, sold the legendary pelt to a trapper that I found and even paid off a bounty at a newly discovered post office.

I never realized how much I depended on fast travel and the experience it has on gameplay. When I would play Fallout 4 I would loot until my inventory was full, fast travel back to base and then fast travel back to where I was. It was a simple exchange, but it also shrunk the map. With Red Dead, at least for now, I have to plan my trip accordingly. I can’t just hunt and fast travel to sell goods, I have to make it a point to hunt close to an area where I can sell what I kill before the animal spoils. The game has done a good job thus far making the world feel big but manageable. I never feel too far from anything, but I can see the lack of fast travel getting old. As much as I love taking in the landscapes and discovering new locations at some point it will become routine. And it’s going to be in that moment that I wish for fast travel. But for now, I’m going to continue enjoying what new things I can find. Maybe I’ll be successful in taming a new horse. My last attempt went pretty poorly.

Published by Charles M.

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