This weekend I continued my quest in Kamoshida’s castle. Doing my best to sneak through the castle, I have to wonder if the physical attacks will ever be worth a damn. Thus far it seems like the game wants you to lean on using each character’s personas to attack enemies, yet the issue with that is that those attacks cost SP. In most RPGs, you can balance between physical and magic attacks. While magic attacks are usually stronger of the two, you should typically be able to get by with physical attacks. I decided to try this ‘physical attacks’ only tactic in a battle.

So here’s where things get interesting. In a battle against some green horses, I went with the standard attacks and found it actually to be pretty useful. What I didn’t expect was the enemies ability to summon others at a pace that felt cheesy. Usually, abilities like summoning new enemies are limited. However, in Persona 5 it’s unchecked. And as such I let the summoning get away from me. That’s when it happened – the main character died. No biggie, characters a party goes down all the time. A simple revive would be all it would take to pick him back up and get started again. But that didn’t happen. In this game when the main character dies, it’s game over.

It’s gotta be the worst choice one could make in an RPG. It’s not uncommon for you to lose a player during a random encounter or a boss battle. You could be low on supplies or just make a simple mistake. Either way, death happens, but you shouldn’t be punished so severely. It’s a choice I don’t agree with and one that has actually put the game on hold. I don’t know if I’ll return to this game anytime soon. There’s enough out that I don’t have to put up with things like this. Time will tell.

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