Last night I won a Ferrari after a rally race in Forza Horizon 4. The night before I orchestrated a robbery only to end up on the wrong end of a standoff in Late Shift. This weekend, Agent 47 will be ushering people to the upper room. All these events are thanks to Game Pass, a service Microsoft believes will become a draw to their console and services. But should you invest in something that functions like Netflix? After a few weeks with the service, I’m still on the fence.

When I browse the Game Pass library, I’m overwhelmed by the number of games available. It looks like a good value for the money, but when you dig deeper, the number of games that you actually want to play can shrink the list to a handful. When I look at the games I want to play, the list is small.

  • PUBG
  • Forza Horizon 4
  • Hitman

Three games, and honestly it’s really two because I already own Hitman on the PS4 and my sole purpose for downloading the game on Xbox is to see what the upgraded visuals look like on the One X. Two games. The rest are games that I’ve either already played or kinda “eh” on. The same way I’ll stumble on a series on Netflix because I’ve watched all the episodes of a show on my watch list.

Game Pass feels more like Netflix when I want it to be HBO. When I think of Game Pass, I envision a tightly curative service that offers the best experiences of this generation and of generations past. What I want is to view the library and think:

“damn! They have that game?! Oh and this one too? Man, I haven’t played that in a while.”

That is what I want with Game Pass, and as it stands now, I’m not sure if that’s what I would get if I paid for the service. In the end, I’m torn. I’m not really interested in subscribing to yet another service, but I like the idea. The cost/benefit weighs heavily in favor of the player, but it will be up to Microsoft to keep me paying by providing games, both small and AAA, that are definitive experiences in the console.

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