There are few truths that I’ve learned while spending time in Saint-Denis. One, Dutch is full of shit. Two, at some point I’m going to kill him. I’ve grown to love Arthur’s character development and despise everyone he hangs around. By the time chapter three concluded, the actions of the gang cemented what I already knew – the Van der Linde gang is nothing but a bunch of idiots being lead by a con man that doesn’t know what he’s doing. And after robbing a riverboat, hunting a legendary buck, and discovering a gang full of cannibals, there are a few things that have become points of discussion.

The Fast Travel Choice was a Terrible Idea

I’m close to fifty percent complete with the story, and I still don’t understand why fast travel is not a default travel mechanic. Taking in the environment is cool in chapter one, but now it’s just annoying. Yesterday I had to travel across the map to drop off a legendary buck to the trapper. A task that should have taken a minute took damn near ten or fifteen. In a world this expansive, I need to move like I would in Fallout 4. I want to fast travel to previously visited locations and explore the area around it. This lack of fast travel is the reason I’m rushing the campaign and not spending time hunting or doing much of anything else. Once you see something is on the other side of the map, you just say “fuck it.” It doesn’t matter how fast your horse is, it’s still too damn slow. Even missions where I have to travel too far are becoming expendable. If it’s not the primary mission, it gets put on the back burner. To be played later, if at all.

And spending all that time on horseback I’ve come to the conclusion that this game is too damn big for no reason. This game, for all its detail, is empty. There’s really not much to do out in the open, as most people live in towns or just on the outskirts. Sure, some strangers need your help, but those interactions become bland and boring. There’s not much to them except to distract you from the fact that fast travel is not available in the traditional sense.


I remember reading this somewhere online, and it’s definitely true. Most missions end the same way – either a shootout or a horse chase. How is it a body can decompose and all this other realistic shit, but we can’t find any other way to end a mission? The horse chases are annoying, but the real let down is that the shootouts could be much better if the combat mechanics were up to par. I think this is something we all know, Rockstar has never been good at creating combat mechanics that feel good. Yet, I’m supposed to depend on them for the majority of the game. Look, if you’re going to spend most of the time killing people at least make shooting fun. The cover mechanic is still years behind something like Gears, and shooting is just whatever. I point, wait for the dot to go red, and have at it. I have different bullets, but they don’t seem to make much of a difference. The only gun that’s fun to shoot is the shotgun. Everything else is just blah.

Speaking of blah, what is the point of the upgrades? So far I’ve upgraded the holster and the belt, but outside of ammo, I don’t really get the point. The upgrade system in this game doesn’t seem to make much of a difference because you ca

A Fun Game, But Overhyped

Red Dead 2 is overhyped. There is nothing this game does that deserves this praise as if it’s the second coming. Yes, the details are dope, but combat sucks and missions stick too close to the script. The world is massive, but traveling it is garbage. That’s not to say the game isn’t enjoyable, it’s just not the masterpiece everyone claims it is. The one thing Rockstar continues to excel is creating characters you actually give a damn about. I’m still playing because I want to see Arthur come into his own and kill Dutch. Everything else is just window dressing.

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