I’m reaching the end of chapter 6, and I can’t wait for the story to be over. It’s not that I hate anything about the game, it’s that I can’t stand Dutch and it’s time for Dutch to die. There’s also the fate of Arthur and what could possibly await him at the end of his story. And while I push through the campaign, I’ve begun to read articles about people who seem to be playing the game the ‘correct’ way.

Some people are playing the game at a more methodical pace. They take their time, in no rush to get everything done. They explore the world that Rockstar has built. There are reports of Alien spacecraft, vampires, and other oddities that I doubt I will ever see before I finish the game. And I guess for those who can endure the mechanics of the game that works, and I have to admit discovering those hidden gems do sound cool but at what cost? I have a list of games I want to play, new experiences to have, and sticking in this world would only hold that up. Plus, I have Destiny, and that serves as my hobby game (Unless COD takes its place).

But that made me wonder. Is there more than one way to play the game? Is it possible to grind through the story and explore at a later date? I could easily see myself finishing this game, moving on and coming back later to visit the world like I would Fallout or Skyrim. Just hopping in to wander around aimlessly doing random shit and explore new lands. We’ll see what happens once I finish the game this weekend. But in the meantime what’s your thoughts on the game?

Is there a right and wrong way to play Red Dead Redemption 2?

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