A moment of honesty – I think the most time I’ve spent playing any Call of Duty is about ten minutes. I never felt I was the target market, I really wasn’t bro enough to play the game. And I didn’t have the urge to be called ‘nigger,’ ‘nigga,’ or any variation by some stranger while playing. So I let the game run its course without me ever joining along. That changed over the weekend when I purchased Black Ops 4 on Black Friday. I wanted another shooter outside of Destiny, and I wanted something I could play on Xbox. So what was it like playing the latest Call of Duty?

Over The Top

So the first thing I noticed about this game is how over the top it is. I completed a training mission, and I spent most of the time wondering who the hell wrote the dialogue for the sergeant. It’s nothing but curse words mixed with terrible catchphrases. Not that I’m against cursing, but it comes across as trying too hard. I mean I guess it would be edgy if I were 12, but as a grown man it sounded stupid. The violence is over the top, reaching the point of comedic. Call of Duty comes off as a more successful Duke Nukem. It’s a game that never grew up, and it seems like the player base doesn’t really care. Of course, you aren’t playing Call of Duty for some adult take on war and its atrocities. You’re here to shoot shit.

Menus and Menus

The UI in this game is horrid. It’s a bunch of menus all over the place with no real direction on what the hell to do. My first match was a hardcore match with no hud or any type of helping hand. I shouldn’t have been there, yet there I was because I thought it was the general multiplayer area. I thought the title was just a ‘cool’ name the devs gave for multiplayer. This game is not so welcoming to the newcomer, as you need to figure out how to navigate on your own or hit Google search.

This is a Job

Okay so once I finished my first match I found my way into kill confirmed, which I believe is a fan favorite. First impressions, this game is fun. And fast as hell! Destiny 2 might as well be a Sunday stroll with the family. I died fast and often. But I had fun, way more fun than I thought. As I began to find my bearings, I started to learn why people enjoy this game. The action is nonstop, and the next match loads as soon as the current contest over. However, one thing that I like and don’t like is that Call of Duty is a job. Starting out you get all the bullshit weapons. No cool items, paint jobs, or guns. You must grind your way to the top. But that’s not really a problem. What is a problem is when you’re playing against people with all the cool weapons, and you have the default weapon. An assault rifle. I don’t have a secondary gun or any choice in what weapon I use. According to what’s been presented I have to continue leveling up before I can get a new gun. It’s an interesting take on the grind, and I see why people stick with the game. If you want the cool shit, you gotta earn it. I just wish all the beginners could play together and level up into a bigger pool of players.

One Game To Rule Them All

I enjoyed Black Ops 4. I’m sure the more I play, the more I’ll understand the nuances of the game and have a better grasp at what hardcore players love and hate about it. I still want to check out Battlefield and possibly Overwatch. The question now is what game will become my hobby game? Will I choose one or bounce from COD to Destiny to something else. I know one thing, if I improve in COD I should be able to wreck in Destiny.

Published by Charles M.

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