2023: Don’t engage in anti-state activities, nefarious acts that may affect the polls – Buhari charges Nigerians

However, he commands Nigerians to do their part by not engaging in anti-state activities or other nefarious acts that could influence the conduct of the vote.

In his final New Year’s message as Nigerian President, Buhari called on Nigerians to resist all attempts by politicians to use any form of unrest to thwart the election, He warned that the government was determined to respond fully to such activities. law.

Below is the full text of the message.

“First of all, we would like to thank and honor the Almighty for watching over us until 2022 and giving us the opportunity to see another year. , is an opportunity to move forward into the new year.

“As we celebrate the opportunity to live in 2023, we must acknowledge the death of our brothers and sisters who were unable to welcome this new year. May their souls rest in complete peace.

“This year is a particularly important year for me, because this message is, by its very nature, a condemnation. My term as President in the most respected tradition of democracy must inevitably come to an end. and numerous other elected officials at both the national and state levels.

“All these electoral and democratic principles work in concert because of your transcendental beliefs, the great citizens of Nigeria, beyond partisan politics. There is my personal commitment and the commitment of the executive branch to ensure that the 2023 elections are free and fair, and that the collective electoral will and the vote of the Nigerian people will be at dusk on my watch. Even the moment is realized.

“Looking back on 2022 allows us, as governments, to examine our legacy of successes and challenges. We need to understand that there is a transitional responsibility on the current administration to provide the incoming government with a bipartisan and objective roadmap for 2023. We are Nigeria. United under the will of God, one nation, vigorously growing as an indivisible entity, year after year, for decades, weathered every stormy water, while others crumbled. Where we fell apart, we were able to become stronger and better.This has made us a unique nation in the world and on our continent.

“In 2023, Nigerians will exercise their right to vote and go to polls to elect a new government. This administration’s landmark electoral amendments law will ensure free and fair elections throughout the country.We Nigerians are against any anti-state activities or actions that may affect the conduct of the vote. We must also take responsibility for our participation in ensuring that the 2023 elections are free and fair by not engaging in other nefarious activities. We must resist any attempt by politicians to use any form of unrest to create unrest, and we, as governments, will ensure that such activities are met with the full force of law. To do.

“As our security agencies continue to make our country proud, we must continue to support our patriotic military by providing much-needed community information. It is our collective responsibility to ensure that Nigeria is safe and peaceful for all of us, so we are vigilant and support the military and intelligence agencies by reporting anything suspicious. The fight against the rebels in the north-east region has continued to score very clear victories over the past year. and over 82,000 militants and their families surrendered to the Nigerian army, many of whom are now Handled by the Rehabilitation (Operation Safe Corridor) program, the fight against robberies, kidnappings and other crimes in the Northwest and elsewhere is gaining momentum with very tangible results. One of them is the resumption of train operations along the Kaduna to Abuja corridor.

“In the aftermath of the Endorsers, our administration has exercised caution and enacted an ongoing police reform program based on a new presidential vision for policing in Nigeria. It is embedded in a clear road map that exceeds and is based on six principles: reduction e) officer training and education f) funding, officer benefits, health and safety.

“Although this reform program is at a very basic stage, it has recorded notable success in improving police welfare and compensation. Ongoing training of 500 police cadet trainers to enable better training plans for the first batch of 10,000 new cadets in 2022. The Nigerian Police Department is committed to law and order We need to steadily improve our constitutional responsibilities to enforce law, protect life and property, and ensure peace and security at the street level.

“Despite the ongoing global economic crisis, we have weathered the storm. Inflation is at its highest point around the world, and the federal government, through economic interventions, has decided to keep water on the water during this time. In 2022, the ongoing war and the aftermath of COVID-19 have had compounding effects, creating their own financial challenges, but with high energy costs We have continued to subsidize energy costs to cushion households from inflationary pressures. I’m putting

“The Nigerian Startup Bill has been passed into law. Remember, in my speech, you mentioned the need to secure the future of young people, recognizing them as the most precious natural resource in our country and at home.In this regard, we will work with Congress to We have enacted legislation to enable them to turn their passions into ideas that can be supported, nurtured and scaled across the region.In 2023, the Nigerian Startup Act will come into force nationwide.

“Indeed, 2023 will be the time to work to deliver key strategic priorities under the ‘SEA’ (security, economy and anti-corruption) agenda. Some of the key priority areas and strengths we focus our attention on include:

“Ah. Focus on security. We will continue to engage, push back and dismantle the activities of internal and external extremist and criminal groups who are waging war against our communities across the country. We will also focus on ensuring free and fair elections in February 2023. Security forces will work together to ensure victory in the fight against riots, banditry, secession and other crimes. We are working to make sure we keep it up and win more.

“b. For the economy; our focus is on sustaining and building economic growth through a national economic diversification agenda that supports the goals of national food self-sufficiency and non-oil resource growth. Our administration’s ongoing infrastructure revolution will allow us to deliver major projects in power, rail, roads, ports and technology across the country.

“c. Anti-corruption: Our administration’s anti-corruption efforts have enabled us to set a new record in this fight, increasing from 117 convictions in 2017 to 3,615 in December 2022. Preventing corruption by working with all branches of government to effectively prosecute this fight.

“As we enter the new year, let us look with hope to 2023, a year in which we move forward towards unity, progress and prosperity as a nation. I welcome and accept both praise and criticism alike, confident that I have done my best to serve my beloved country, Nigeria. I also hope that the next president will take the baton and continue the race to make Nigeria one of the world’s leading nations by the end of this century.

“Long live the spirit of unity, solidarity and solidarity in Nigeria. Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Happy and prosperous New Year.”

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