25 Crafts & Activities For Boat-Loving Kids

Some kids come up with almost every excuse to play in or near water. But you can also develop fine motor skills in the process. Pamper your little ones with some of our favorite crafts and activities. Great for kids who love boats and are into water.

1. Nature boat

Nature is full of wonderful crafting materials. Kids just have to look for it! It doesn’t take long to stumble upon your local park and discover a variety of materials that can be used to make nature boats. , was pieced together using hot glue.

More information: Mother Nature

2. Easter Egg Boat

These colorful plastic eggs can be used for many great boat crafts.

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3. Canteen boat

This fun craft is easy enough for kids to make themselves. All they need is water bottles, cardboard and duct tape to create funky floating contraptions.

More information: PBS

4. Juice Box Boat

Don’t throw away empty juice cartons! You can turn these recyclables into reusable boats. Make a mast out of colorful straws and paper, then let the kids color the boat to make it even more fancy.

Details: Made With Happy

5. Canned sardine boat

Sardine can floating boat craft

I love how many of these crafts are made from recycled materials. It’s made using sardine tins, wine corks, tape, and other household items. Heavy nails taped to the bottom will keep the boat upright and afloat.

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6. Boat Overview

Build a boat in a nutshell Intro.jpg

Check out these adorable walnut boats! You can use shell halves to make these and fill them with clay or other moldable material.

Find out more here: Crafts Ü Print

7. sponge bath boat toy

This is no ordinary kitchen sponge boat. Using various colored sponges, you can build this gorgeous sponge boat with your googly-eyed crew. Consider using leftover sponges as icebergs in your tub.

Details: Handmade Charlotte

8. Spongebob Pirate Ship

As a fun bath time toy, you can make a special pirate ship out of sponge. This tutorial will show you how to do this. From slicing sponges to putting together with BBQ skewers.

More information: Pirate Pete

9. Clothespin pirate ship

This sweet pirate ship craft is cute and easy to make. However, if you want a pirate ship that actually floats, it’s not the best option.

More information: Create a happy life

10. Craft Stick Peg Doll Boat

foam float

This is a creative popsicle stick and foam fusion boat for kids to have fun personalizing. You can glue foam blocks and popsicle sticks together to paint your peg dolls into your favorite characters.

More information: Rhythm of play

11. Layered Popsicle Stick Boat

Low, low, low your boat

This is more than just a popsicle stick boat! Your kids will build a canoe-style boat by stacking popsicle sticks into diamonds. Extra popsicle sticks can be used as oars.

Additional Information: Crafty Sticks

12. Easy preschool boat craft

Here are some cool and easy boat crafts that preschoolers will enjoy. Requires only a handful of simple supplies. Egg cartons, paper towel rolls, tissue paper, glue, tape. Allow your child to paint and decorate the boat.

More information: No time for flashcards

13. Easy paper boat craft

Boat crafts that float on water are great, but so are classic paper boat crafts that can be used as interior decorations! All you need is paper, popsicle sticks and crayons.

More information: I Heart Crafty Things

14. Footprint Boat

Here are some fun and creative ideas! Kids can dip their feet in the paint and stomp colorful paw prints all over the cardstock. Attach a craft stick mast for the sail and a cut-up shopping bag and voila, you have a boat like no other.

More information: Craftulate

15. Boat Collage

All Things Boat! Boat-themed crafts and activities for kids!

Pick up some sailing magazines at your local used bookstore. Browsing through these magazines can be an exciting experience for your child discovering all the different boats in the real world. You can cut out and glue your favorites onto a sea of ​​tissue paper.

More information: Craftulate

16. Cardboard oil-powered yacht craft

This simple sailboat is made from cardboard, paper and tape. Her STEM component that’s cool is the way the boat works. When oil is dropped into the notch, the oil and water repel each other, causing the ship to move.

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17. Baking soda powered ship

baking soda boat

This is another science-powered boat project for learners to try. Make a soda bottle boat by adding vinegar and baking soda to a bottle with the straw sticking out. Marvel at the exciting chemical reactions that move the boat when the ingredients are mixed.

For more information: Science Sparks

18. Wind Boat Eggsperiment

Try this experiment by taping an inflated balloon to a plastic egg. When your child releases the balloon, the air will be released and the boat will move.

More information: Teresa A

19. Rubber band paddle boat


This advanced boat craft is perfect for middle schoolers. To build it, you’ll need to cut craft sticks, punch small holes, and use a ton of hot glue.

More information: Dave Hax

20. DIY boat made from popsicle sticks

Some of your older kids may be looking for a bigger building challenge. They can try to create their own intricate and unique popsicle stick boats.

Details: AM Channel Rp

21. Tin Ship Science Experiment

Boats are great for teaching buoyancy. The tendency of an object to float on water. Your child can fold the tin foil boat together using the video instructions.Then you can test how many pennies it takes to sink the ship.

Learn more: KSU iTeach

22. A simple ship science experiment

Buoyancy can be tested on different types of boats. Learners can design their own boat or follow his craft with this simple popsicle stick in his web link below. How many rocks will it take to sink this ship?

More information: East Coast Mama

23. Duct Tape Boat Race

Duct tape has so many exciting patterns. Great for making colorful boat crafts. Your child can follow the folding instructions to make a paper boat covered in duct tape. Once completed, you can use the straw to race your boat through the waters.

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24. Read “Busy Boat”

This is a great preschool boat book that you can use to teach your students about real boats. We talk about yachts, rowboats, motorboats and more.

Details: Amazon

25. Boating

kid boat.jpeg

Nothing beats traveling on a real boat! You can even bring the kids to the lake and paddle in a rowboat as there are plenty of boat trip options.

More information: Get My Boat

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