5 Fun New Year’s Eve Activities To Do at Home With Your Kids

Are your kids bored with the same New Year’s Eve activities like watching a ball drop on TV or banging pots? Try something new and different that they love.

Gather your family to celebrate the arrival of a new tradition in 2023. These five fun, family-friendly New Year’s Eve activities are sure to bring you lots of laughs and lots of core memories that will last a lifetime.

Celebrate New Year traditions around the world

Find out and read how people from other countries celebrate the New Year and try some of the most interesting traditions for you and your family. is eaten at midnight. In Denmark, it is customary to stand on a chair and jump off at midnight, while in Germany, Holland and Scandinavia, piglets are made out of marzipan and given to friends and family.

throw a themed party

This is no ordinary New Year’s Eve party. Let’s all choose a fun theme and do our best. It could be outer space, the 80’s, or glow in the dark. Each of your family members may want to dress up as their favorite cartoon character or celebrity. Whatever they choose, decorate your home and incorporate food and music that match their chosen theme.

make a time capsule

Have the children decorate shoe boxes or other containers and fill them with last year’s things. Photos, artwork, favorite toys, books they’ve read, and any other trinkets or trinkets you can think of are all great ideas. Include a letter your child wrote to their future self. On New Year’s Eve next year, let’s open the box together and enjoy rediscovering each item. Now build a new time capsule and have fun.

Make a fun drink and toast to the New Year

Create delicious and colorful fruit drinks, sparkling juices and milkshakes with your favorite ingredients. Mix sprinkles, gummy bears, fruit, pop candies and more to create balls. The possibilities are endless. And when the clock strikes his 12:00, toast to the New Year and enjoy some delicious creations.

reflect and look forward

Remember last year and its special moments. Give everyone a chance to talk about their highlights and favorites. These may include favorite memories, family trips, meals, movies, etc. Talk about the coming year and what everyone is looking forward to or hoping to accomplish.

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