5 Holiday Activities to Do With Cannabis Friends

As the holidays roll around and more and more states legalize marijuana, you’ll need to ask questions like:

What types of holiday activities can you do with other cannabis friends?

What activities should be planned when everyone is planning to get together and smoke some delicious cannabis on vacation?

Well this is a great question.

In this blog post, we share some of our favorite ideas.

Let’s dive into it.

1. Let’s play together

After all, the true meaning of holidays is to be together, be happy, celebrate the year, and enjoy each other’s company.

You can give gifts, enjoy each other’s friendship, and generally welcome the New Year with good times and laughter.

(Note: Need a gift idea for a fellow stoner friend? Checkout Veli Heels Post on the topic! )

In fact, just hanging out is highly underrated, especially if you smoke cannabis.

try it!

Schedule a casual hangout and watch the holiday magic unfold as you spark your favorite green plants together.

2. Watch a Christmas movie

Whether you like to eat whatever you want, smoke an e-cigarette, drink tinctures, or smoke weed the good old fashioned way, getting a little high while watching your favorite Christmas movie is It should be a fun time.

You can also double this by watching a cult classic Christmas movie.

elf When Krampus Two great examples.

You can also turn on the parade or watch what is being broadcast on TV.

Need classic movie suggestions? Try one of the following: Christmas carol movie, or A Charlie Brown Christmas.

3. Go hiking

If you live near the North Pole, this may not be a good option. (That is, it is very cold in the Arctic.)

But if you live somewhere with milder temperatures while on vacation, or are willing to brave that icy weather in exchange for beautiful views of a winter wonderland, spark it all together before traveling. Enjoy hiking your favorite trails and streets.

Pro tip: You can hike downtown to see the beautiful lights and scenery, or literally stroll through Christmas light setups.

4. Make dinner together

Cooking home-cooked meals on holidays can be difficult.

However, you can double this by drinking cannabis together, hanging out, exchanging gifts, and preparing meals from scratch while enjoying the euphoria of marijuana.

Especially when it comes to crafting holiday essentials, nothing brings you closer together than baking (and baking) with your other cannabis friends.

Enjoy and have fun.

Don’t forget to switch off the oven.

5. Listen to music

christmas music It may be one of the most festive types of music in existence, regardless of the specific holiday you’re celebrating at this joyous time of the year.

It’s no surprise that playing your favorite holiday songs, using your favorite cannabis products, and enjoying each other’s company to indulge in the fun and joy of the holiday season is a surefire recipe for success.

You don’t even have to be crazy about it.

Grab your phone, plug in your Bluetooth speaker, sit down on the couch and let’s start your vacation journey together.

Don’t forget your lighter (or weed).


Holidays are a wonderful time no matter how you look at them.

But when you combine them with cannabis, you can’t help but score a slam dunk.

Cannabis is great.

Holidays are amazing.

And you and your friends are great.

So make a plan for this holiday season that suits you and your other cannabis friends’ personal tastes and preferences.

In other words, do your own thing and enjoy the holidays in your own special way.

you have this!

happy holiday.

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