5 unique activities for your next trip to Puerto Rico

Who can resist a vacation to Puerto Rico? The enchanting island has seen a significant increase in tourist numbers in recent years, and the number of air passengers heading to San Juan’s airport has increased only this year.

From mouth-watering food to gorgeous open beaches and a rich history of African, Indigenous and Spanish cultures influencing fascinating music genres like salsa and reggaeton, Puerto Rico has it all.

TheGrio’s lifestyle team shares five experiences vacationers to Puerto Rico can pursue, post on Instagram, and brag to their circles. (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Whether you’ve been to the islands before or want to do more than the typical hotel-based, walking distance type of vacation, we’ve handpicked five great options for filling out your itinerary. It’s the kind of experience you can post on the gram or brag to your circle. They make new friends and offer the chance to see different parts of the island. Most importantly, they give you a reason to come back for more.

#1.Chef prepares dinner in front of you at Epicro Culinary Center

A woman laughing while dining at a restaurant shows what can be enjoyed at the Epicro Culinary Center in Puerto Rico.
Foodies will not be disappointed with Puerto Rico’s culinary scene. (Photo: Adobe Stock)

An amazing culinary experience located in the heart of San Juan, just an 8-minute drive from the Puerto Rico hotels on Ashford Avenue. Get a front-row seat to Puerto Rican chef Antonio Perez’s cooking when you visit the Epicuro Culinary Center for Chef’s Table.

Chef Perez teaches, demonstrates and entertains with an artist personality who considers each dish a masterpiece. Marvel at how he prepares a five-course dinner in his open kitchen with built-in guest table. The experience is intimate and seats up to 12, so you can watch the dishes and ask questions along the way. Lucky guests will be able to savor delicious food piping hot from the stove while Chef Perez cooks, which he serves one at a time.

Chef Perez’s influence is global, so come to Chef’s Table with an open mind and an open palate. He blends flavor profiles and ingredients from locations such as South America, Asia, the Mediterranean, and Central Europe: proteins such as braised beef ribs, grouper, and duck, as well as unique side dishes, and finally baked in his kitchen. You can taste his dessert special soufflé.Come on an empty stomach as all dishes are accompanied by perfectly matched wines When Hungry for variety.

Be prepared to set aside two hours for the entire experience. This is an insider culinary tip you get from the chef and an excellent value for the food and the TLC you give to your guests. For more hands-on dining adventures, take one of the cooking or wine tasting classes offered by Epicro.

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#2.Take a mixology class at Casa Bacardi Puerto Rico

If you’ve ever enjoyed a pina colada or a mojito, you know that rum is at the heart of the mix.You can always buy rum at restaurants and bars all over Puerto Rico, but it’s about 25 minutes away from San Juan. It’s home to the world’s largest and most famous premium rum distillery. Casa Bacardi in Cataño, Puerto. Rico.

Visiting a distillery like Casa Bacardi is probably the brightest tour of your life. From the moment you arrive on the distillery grounds, you will be handed an engraved coin featuring Bacardi’s signature his bat. This allows you to have a free drink in the separate bar. Next, climb aboard a trolley where you can comfortably sit and drink as your tour guide provides a history lesson on Bacardi Rum 101.

It’s important to acknowledge that enslaved peoples were growing sugar cane in the Americas, and some experts theorize that they may have even created their own rum-making process. But on this tour, you’ll learn about Bacardi’s origins in Cuba, expansion of the distillery, and how the product is made, among other histories specifically related to the brand.

After a brief history, you’ll be taken to a private room with individual stations equipped with mixers, cups, spoons and, of course, Bacardi rum. It’s no surprise that Casa Bacardi’s mixology instructors bring charisma, confidence, and comedic flair to their classes. They make the group fun and encourage socializing while demonstrating helpful techniques for mixing all the rum you pick up at the gift shop after class. It’s what’s left!

#3.Visit Distrito T-Mobile, a modern hub of music halls, plazas and restaurants

Puerto Rican native Farruco will perform on Dick Clark's New Year's Eve and Ryan Seacrest 2023 on the show's second-ever Spanish countdown from DISTRITO T-Mobile in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Puerto Rican native Farruco will perform at “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest 2023” during the second-ever Spanish countdown of shows from DISTRITO T-Mobile in San Juan, Puerto Rico. (Photo by Rodrigo Varela /Getty Images/Getty Images for Discover Puerto Rico)

On January 1st, Distrito T-Mobile rocked with parties, food and reggaeton artist Farruko as the world rolled into the new year. As the first countdown site for “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest” — the show was watched by 36 million viewers. The pristine modern square and restaurant hub was just the place. Even if there are no live concert shows on TV, Distrito T-Mobile has a complete entertainment calendar for visitors to enjoy everything from salsa performances by his band to movies in his VIP Cinema Theater. there is.

Check out Distrito T-Mobile’s unique restaurants too. While there are other tourist food places like Pudge’s Pizza and Denko Asian Eatery, spots like Sazón Cocina Criolla focus on using fresh, local ingredients to create delicious Puerto Rican cuisine. You can find the “sabor Latino” (Latin flavor) that you put. If you like rum bars, enjoy a drink at Mario Pagan’s La Central. Enjoy your favorite Mexican dishes with a Caribbean twist (chicken tinga is appetizing).

If you are staying in San Juan, this gem is right next to the Puerto Rico Convention Center. It’s less than a 10-minute taxi ride from the hotels on Avenida Ashford and steps away from convention hotels like Aloft San Juan and Hyatt Place San Juan.

#Four.Jump off one of his longest ziplines in the Guinness Book of World Records after an indoor rock climb

On your next vacation, you can enjoy indoor climbing at Troverde Urban Park in Puerto Rico.
Do you like climbing sports? Puerto Rico has you covered. (Photo: Adobe Stock)

if you want experience-On your next visit to Puerto Rico, don’t be afraid to be a little adventurous and visit Troverde Urban Park.

Perfectly located inside D’Street T-Mobile, Troverde Urban Park lets you hop off Blazing Bull, one of the longest ziplines in the Guinness Book of World Records. You can also participate in a ropes course or indoor rock climbing at Pico del Toro. According to Toroverde’s site, it’s the largest indoor climbing wall in the Caribbean.

Adventurers can also participate in the Bull Maze Obstacle Course with 41 obstacles.

Troverde offers solo adventures as well as family options.

Looking for a solo trip in the New Year? Download these apps!

#Five.Visit the Karabari Rainforest Adventure Park and ride ATVS and horses

Whether you prefer a four-wheeled drive through the forest or a horseback ride into nature, the Kalavari Rainforest Adventure Park has you covered. Just 30 minutes from San Juan, the town of Carabarri in Luquillo is near the El Yunque National Rainforest. Think of it as an all-in-one experience where you can dine at Caravallies Bar and Grill, go on an adventure, come back for more food and drink, and shop at the gift store.

Caravalli is owned by a Puerto Rican family who began in the late 1970s by renting prized horses for beach rides. Positive reviews and high ratings from park visitors have contributed to the expansion of the park. The Karabari guides are knowledgeable about the land and history of the area and do a great job of providing historical context while ensuring the safety of visitors during the excursion.

ATV and UTV rides are perfect for a great vacation bonding experience and for making memories with a large group of friends. It’s a bumpy ride so I highly recommend wearing shades or a mouse cover to keep dust and dirt out! After entering the forest, visitors can stop at a Surprise food and drink stand nestled in the riverside hills, so bring cash or a card.

Puerto Rico has no passport requirements and offers much more than meets the eye. Tourism is an important part of this federal economy, and tourists with an open mind and heart, respect for cultures and people, and heart for little adventures of the soul will have a time worth talking about. !

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