52 days to election: LP, PDP, APC in flurry of activities

With 52 days to go before the presidential election, major parties step up efforts to win more voting in elections.

Labor Party (LP) candidate Peter Obi is currently enjoying a wave of support from prominent Nigerians, including former president Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and Aijou supreme leader. Includes Chief Edwin Clarke.

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) is also seeking votes from the masses, and his vice-presidential candidate, Delta Governor Senator Ifeani Okowa, met Ed’s Governor Godwin Obaseki and Bayelsa Governor Due Dilli to Presidential Candidate Alhaj Atik Abubakar.

That was when All Progressive Congress (APC) presidential candidate Senator Bora Tinuv met with northwestern Islamic leaders in Kano on Tuesday ahead of the resumption of presidential rallies in the ancient town.

Speaking at a town hall meeting with women in Abuja on Tuesday, Obi revealed his agenda for women in the country as he promised to improve living standards.

At the conference, Obi’s wife Margaret called on Nigerian women to maximize their numbers in favor of their husbands during the general election.

She encouraged all Nigerian women to gather five voters from their circles to vote for Obi Datti, and that President Obi would provide health insurance to the 133 million poor Nigerians identified in the research report. said that it should ensure that the

The town hall meeting was intended to drum up support for women for Obi’s presidential ambitions.

Her words: “You must enlist
Five of your friends, relatives and colleagues. tell them what you know. Show them that a new Nigeria is possible and let them pledge to vote for Obidatti and Labor. Make sure they show up on Election Day.

“Women make up 49% of the Nigerian population, and women and youth already make up more than 75% of Nigeria’s registered voters.
“In Nigeria, women are disproportionately affected by inadequate health care. Under the Ovidatti government, the new Nigeria has increased national health insurance, providing coverage to Nigeria’s poorest 133 million people, including pregnant women and people with disabilities. It will be covered.”

Coming out of a meeting held at the Delta Governor’s Mansion in Owa Alero, Obaseki told journalists the governor had met with the party’s vice-presidential candidate to congratulate him and wish him well in the election. .

“New Year. I am here to visit my brother Sen.

“We wish him well in this year’s election. By the grace of God he will be the next Vice President of Nigeria. May Almighty God fulfill our dreams throughout this 2023. I pray that you will help me.”

Speaking on the position of the G-5 presidents, Dilli said the party had not ruled out talks with the party’s candidates to persuade them to come back and work for their victory.

“We want a united PDP,
Every time we meet, we focus our discussion on unity. We have not ruled out talking to our brothers. To this day, we are still discussing the possibility of speaking with them to return to our party.

“We are calling on our brother governors to join their respective parties and work in solidarity with all others. I still hope that my brother’s governor will return, as he visited the
At a town hall meeting with Muslim leaders in Kano on Tuesday, Tinub pledged to provide lasting solutions to the almajiri challenge by appointing a special committee to work towards the almajiri challenge. promised.
He said, “Every child has the right to an education, so this is convenient. Seeing them wandering the streets or dropping out due to poverty is socially unacceptable.” incorrect.”

He then promised Muslim leaders in the country that, if elected president, he would provide fair and just leadership to all Nigerians.

Senator Tinub urged religious leaders to ensure that they preach unity and harmony among believers rather than division and division, saying that is the only way the country can experience development.
Tinub told Muslim leaders that he has shown a sense of unity and unity in all his campaigns and will continue to do so.

Therefore, he added that he is committed to holding public office based on the values ​​and ideals of fairness and justice, always speaking about facts and truths, policies and programs.

APC will hold a presidential campaign rally in Kano today.

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