A 23 year old man with cerebral palsy has new wheels to enjoy outdoor activities

Rapid City, South Dakota (KEVN) – Diagnosed with cerebral palsy, Austin Dark was awarded a grant for a new truck chair through the American Mobility Project.

The American Mobility Project has been distributing truck chairs since 2019 to help equip people with disabilities. Austin met the nonprofit owner at a funeral he and his family attended and decided to apply for a truck chair. They were back with his Dirk family within 48 hours of him.

It was pretty fast. Parents of Austin Dark, Shannon and Scott Dark said: .

Dirk’s disorder, cerebral palsy, doesn’t stop his love of hunting and other outdoor activities. His parents called Gamefish and Parks to lend Austin a chair whenever he wanted to go out to the pasture with his horses to hunt, but with the new Track Chair, you can do just about anything in any season. It is now possible.

“I feel better now knowing that I have more freedom in this chair than I did a few weeks ago. I think I’ll be able to use it forever when it’s gone,” said Austin Dirks.

With the help of Mark Pederson of Action Manufacturing, he delivered the Dark Chair to his home and demonstrated how it works.

“I would like to thank Mark and American Mobility for making this happen.It will truly change my life going forward,” said Dark.

Click here for more information on America’s Mobility Project.

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