A Small Business Checklist For End of Year Payroll And HR Activities

During this hectic time, Helpside helps small businesses streamline their year-end payroll and HR activities.

LYNDON, Utah, United States, Dec. 14, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — As company leaders and HR professionals prepare for the busiest time of the year, the important year-end payroll and HR We are also facing activity. To help streamline the process, Helpside put together a short list of items companies face this December.

employee management

Completion of annual performance review
Ask employees to update their personal and contact information
Personnel file audit
Recruitment and recruitment process review
Review employee onboarding and turnover processes
Your employees are your company’s greatest resource, and having a clear picture of how this resource works will help your company succeed. Knowing how your employees work, how to get in touch with them, and a clear process for finding, hiring, and firing them is essential.

Compensation and Benefits

year-end bonus
Year-end payroll calculation
Paid vacation system
The importance of year-end bonuses and final pay for the year goes without saying. Holiday He recommends reviewing the PTO policy during the season, especially if an employee has her PTO and may lose it next year.


Employee Classification Audit
Check employee handbook
Confirmation of labor law posters
This allows companies to legally dot i and intersect t. This process is essential to ensure that the company complies with the required employment laws. Pay particular attention to state-specific laws that may change on January 1st. Note that if you have remote employees, you should be aware of the laws of each state where your employees work.

employee feedback

stay interview
exit interview
Employee feedback allows companies to take employee temperatures and be alerted to potential problems and opportunities. Having a process for conducting surveys, conducting exit and retirement interviews, and having informal discussions with employees will help you plan your company’s and employee’s needs for the coming year.

Smooth and effective year-end processing helps businesses comply with relevant laws and regulations and complete tasks that facilitate the coming year. This will help them enter the new year on a solid footing and keep growing on track. Companies can partner with Helpside for workforce management, HR, payroll and benefits, freeing up time and resources to grow their business.

About the company:
Helpside has been taking care of small businesses since 1990. They are proud to partner with small businesses to provide payroll, employee benefits, human resources, employer compliance, safety and workers’ compensation solutions so leaders can focus on growing and succeeding their businesses. increase. their employees and their business.

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