The Ever Evolving Website

You might remember this site as The Grey Backpack, a website dedicated to gaming.  But over the years I’ve found that just talking about video games is kinda boring.  What happens when I want to write about a life experience? Or even some kicks I just bought? So I decided to switch things up and start over. This site, (which hopefully has a name by the time you read this) is my laboratory.  It’s where I will experiment with a variety of content, design choices, and things to sell.  I know it sounds like a lot, but think of this as a journey.  As I grow and change so will the site.  There might be slight changes in design or even an overhaul if I believe it lead to a desired outcome. I want this place to be a platform for successes and failure.  And a place of inspiration.  As I grind out this vision, this voice to create, I hope it inspires you to create as well.  Usually, I like to dot all the i’s and cross the t’s but this time I’m just going to wing, like I did when I was full of energy and didn’t know any better.

Oh, and for those who just have to know what I might be writing about here’s a short but evolving list:

  • Video games (can’t stop, won’t stop)
  • Digital culture
  • Life moments
  • Advice from friends doing cool shit
  • Learning how to cook…Again.
  • Commenting on the news and trends
  • And sharing cool things I find around the web


The Ever Evolving Writer

As much as I enjoy writing, I find the task of writing about myself to be an arduous undertaking.  What exactly is that you want to know? More importantly, what would I want to tell you that you either A) can’t get from spending time on the site or B) just ask me directly?  But Google (and many others) say you have to have one of these so here we go.

I’m just a young man trying to figure it all out.