Activities of Aisha Huang caused destruction of Offin, other rivers – Witness tells court

Farmer Timothy Teye Ali told the Accra High Court how the illegal mining activities of En Huan, aka Aisha Huan, contributed to the destruction of the Ofin, Nkingo, Afraso and Cobri rivers in Sukhum, near Bepotenten in the Ashanti region. I explained how I was connected.

Guided by evidence by Mrs. Yvonne Atakoloa Obobisa, Director of the Prosecutor’s Office (DPP), Ali knew Aisha “very well” at a “sukum” (school) in Bepotenten, as well as her illegal mining activities. admitted to destroying the river.

A fifth witness told the court that he inherited four acres of farmland from his grandfather 40 years ago and that was the source of his livelihood.

He said he cultivated cocoa and oil palm on four acres of farmland in the hills near the River Offine.

“This farm has been my source of income and I have been able to support my family,” he added.

Witnesses said they were contacted by James Ogby of Skum in 2017 when a Chinese woman named Aisha (En Huang) wanted to buy her land to mine for gold.

“I wasn’t the only one James Ogbey contacted. Three families whose farm shares the boundary with my farm were also contacted to sell their farm to Aisha Huang.” he said.

Witnesses mentioned three families: Moses Teye Ali, Peter Amenya, and Kwadu Attia.

“We all agreed and met Mr. James Ogby at the farm to take measurements of each person’s land and crops.

“My land, including cocoa and palm trees, was valued and 28,000 GHC was agreed upon for the defendant to pay.”

Witnesses said Aisha had arrived just as they were completing the assessment and went to see her at her mining site near their farm, adding: holiday. “

“I have told James Ogby to tell the accused not to start work on our farm until full payment has been made.

“Mysteriously, we heard that the cocoa and palm farmlands were cut down the next morning, contrary to our agreement,” said a witness.

Ali told the court that when he ran to his farm, to his surprise, “all the crops on my four acres of land had been cut down with excavators.”

He said, “All of us who were affected rushed to James Ogvey for an explanation as to why the farmland had been cleared without the full amount agreed upon being paid. , the defendant assured that she did not owe anyone who bought the land, and that she (Aisha) would pay us so that we would not be frightened.

Witnesses told the court that they received GHS3,000, GHS4,000 and GHS5,000 at different times as partial payments for farmland from James Ogby.

Ali told the court that Aisha continued working on his farm without paying him full price until he was arrested for illegal mining.

He said he reported James Ogbay to the police at Jacob’s in Amancy Central after not receiving full payment for several months, and later sent him to court.

Ali, who answered questions under cross-examination by Hope Agboad, one of Aisha’s lawyers, admitted that Aisha never paid him personally.

The matter was adjourned to Wednesday, December 21, for the continuation and conclusion of cross-examination.

Aisha Huang is on trial among others for engaging in illegal mining at Bepotenten in the Ashanti region in 2017 and re-entering Ghana despite being banned.

She has pleaded not guilty and the court has remanded her to a lawful detention center.

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