Activities to do at home with your children during winter weather

Fun activities you can do indoors with your child include playing board games, building a fort, reading a book, and cooking together.

MIDLAND, TX — With classrooms empty due to the cold and students staying at home, it’s a great time to be with the kids.

Centers for Children and Families CEO Kristi Edwards said:

There are many fun activities everyone can do together to get their magic started.

“Some of the things we like to do are bring up the game. Don’t be like, ‘I have to read, I have to write the words to spell,'” Edwards said. Let’s make the whole experience, bring out some games, let them pick their favorite game, let’s all join in. Build forts, make blanket forts crawl, that’s what we grew up with .”

It’s also important to give kids the downtime they need.

“When we go back to school and work after the holidays, we’re so busy that we want them to have their own down time, so if anyone wants to peel off and go read, let me do it.” ‘ said Edwards. “Let’s read a book together.”

When it’s time for lunch and dinner, use the little extra helpers you have around you.

“One of my kids favorites when we’re home and we can’t go anywhere. We talk about what we’re going to eat for lunch or dinner and call it the smorgasbord.” We picked our favorite thing we had and they took part in cooking it,” Edwards said.

It may be difficult on a day like this, but please cherish the time you share with your family.

“Being a parent is exhausting,” Edwards said. , all I have to do is keep my appointments in my pocket, and if I fully embrace the excitement of being a kid again, or the excitement of being a kid again, I think I can find joy in that. .

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