Activities to Spice Up The End of Dry January

“New year, new me” – a phrase we often hear every January. The new year may mean nothing to you, or this year may be the year you are really trying to let go of old habits and start new ones.

One of the most popular trends people try for the New Year is Dry January, the month after the holiday season when alcohol is avoided. Dry he is participating in full force who participated in January. Seventy percent of this year’s participants said they would not drink at all this month.

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But we’re halfway through January, and people may be starting to get nervous about getting off the wagon again. Alcohol tends to be an activity that brings people together in social settings, so it can be a difficult habit to shake or quit for a period of time. There are many things you can do.

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For one, Denver has many museums and immersive experiences. You can visit Spectra Art Space this weekend. Spukaderia: Awakening | An Immersive Art ExperienceHere you can see bright neon lights, psychedelic art and plays by performance artists. Awakening We will guide you on the trips you can participate in. big ideas for small art Also available in Spectra’s front gallery.

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It’s common to vow to exercise more in the new year, but exercise in the traditional sense (dumbbells and cardio machines) isn’t sustainable for everyone. Consider choosing a hobby that requires physical activity as well as physical activity. Here are some places to help you try out your new hobby.

Movement Inglewood

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Where: 1050 W. Hampden Ave, Inglewood

Located about 20 minutes from the city center, Movement Inglewood has more than 400 routes designed for different skill levels, including many for beginners learning to rock climb. The wall is 60 feet high and features 270 bouldering challenges, 170 climbing routes and 42,000 square feet of climbing. In addition to climbing, the gym also offers classes in gentle yoga, hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga, and workshop yoga. Movement Englewood is currently waiving the joining fee ($49 off) through the end of January.

BLOCK21 Fitness

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Where: 930 N. Lincoln Street, Denver

Lowdown: If running on a treadmill or cycling on a stationary bike is too boring, a fitness dance party might be the perfect compromise. BLOCK21 Combining dance fitness with interval training provides a fun way to burn calories. No dance experience required.

Altitude martial arts

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Where: 2832 S. Havana Street You are Z, Aurora

Lowdown: Mile High Altitude Martial Arts offers Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, Kickboxing, Youth Martial Arts and Striking schools. While training your body, you will also learn self-defense by practicing martial arts.

Orchard Town Center

Where: 14697 Delaware Street, Westminster

Lowdown: Besides exercise, there are plenty of quiet activities you can do to unwind. Orchard Town CenterThe outdoor mall in , Westminster, is just one place that offers practical options for those looking to try new things, food and shops. A day’s shopping appeals to everyone. Expand your taste buds by trying new dishes at places such as . charm tie Also Four Lee.

The mall has color me mine studioHere you can take some time to yourself, relax and get in touch with your creative side. You can choose your own pottery from a wide variety of pottery and paint or design. You can receive it in 8-10 days after firing with a clear glaze. There is a student discount on Fridays.

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Just like finding your inner zen, dry January is a great time to explore what makes you happy, whether it’s implementing a new skincare routine, working out regimen, crafting schedule, or simply carving out time to do nothing. Opportunity. Other than indulging in alcohol, you can always go somewhere, do something, and spend time with people.

Sobering up may be temporary, but other habits set during this period could become the new normal for the rest of 2023 and beyond. Make this year yours by prioritizing self-care and goals, with or without alcohol.

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