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In the mountainous region of Blacksburg, accepting the spring semester can be difficult. Paralyzing winds continue to tear through clothing, temperatures drop consistently, and it’s not uncommon to see snowflakes as students cross drill fields to class. Nonetheless, there are plenty of activities to welcome the new season for locals, students and anyone wanting to do something out of the ordinary in the New River Valley.

Blacksburg Farmers Market

Located on the corner of Draper Road and Roanoke Street, the Blacksburg Farmers Market is a weekly event that welcomes the spring season and is one of the town’s best-loved traditions. Since the 1980s, the town board has held an annual non-profit event every Saturday from January to March from 10am to 2pm. The market will benefit local vendors and the health of Blacksburg residents and improve the vitality of the area. downtown during the day. In addition to sustainable fruits and vegetables, vendors sell a wide variety of goods, including handmade jewelry, alpaca socks, and artwork. If you’re interested in getting involved in the community, hearing live music, and supporting small businesses, head over to Market He Square Park this Saturday.

Whitewater Rafting in New River Gorge Park, West Virginia

For mountain scenery and thrilling adventures, visit Whitewater Rafting National Park in New River Gorge, West Virginia. If you don’t mind the short 1.5 hour drive north, this is an unforgettable whitewater rafting experience that requires no prior experience or knowledge. The park is located 71 miles from campus. Known as one of the oldest rivers in the world, the New River crosses the Appalachian Mountains and is made up of unique landscapes, including rare wildlife and picturesque woodlands. The adventure takes place in a park that covers over 70,000 acres and includes a 6-hour float guided by experienced rafters. Guests are required to rent a wetsuit, shoes and paddle his jacket as most outfits are not included in the cost of the activity, but a helmet, life his jacket and paddle are provided. Additionally, the park offers a buffet-style lunch catered from Wood his Mountain Leysins midway through the ride.

New River Gorge Zip Line Canopy Tour

If you’re not afraid of heights, another way to enhance your spring semester over the weekend is on the New River Gorge Zip Line Canopy Tour. This adventure consists of a half-day, all-inclusive zip line experience through Mill Creek with platforms that extend up to 640 feet high. Reviews highlight the tour guide’s expertise in the natural history of the entire region and their skills in preparing before departure. While this activity is relatively expensive for college students, this thrilling event can become a central memory of your time here at Virginia Tech. With gas bills and a desire to try something new, this can be a one-of-a-kind experience.

Relax Blacksburg

As the semester begins in earnest, students often find themselves embroiled in toxic outlets for stress relief. Depending on a student’s major, it can be difficult to have fun adventures over the weekend, but that doesn’t mean self-care should be left behind. We offer a variety of massages that promote healthy nutrition, reduce anxiety, support circulation, promote digestion, lower blood pressure and enhance mental well-being. Our massage therapists are licensed and trained in a range of unique massages you see online, ensuring you receive the services you need for your personal wellness. In addition to the spa’s typical treatments, Relax Blacksburg also offers special treatments in He January and He February. This includes hot stone his massage with decadent organic cocoa butter massage oil.

Living in Blacksburg, winter seems like a never-ending cycle. In the New River Valley area he has reported snowstorms in May. Despite the bitter cold, spring activities across the region will brighten up your school term and make the frigid months ahead a little more bearable. It’s an ideal way to make time to meet with and enjoy the moments before the semester ends.

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