Activities Will Be Conducted With Trade And Industry Organisations For Global Expansion Of Commercial And Industrial Activities: CM Chouhan

Madhya Pradesh Prime Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with delegations of various industry and business organizations for business promotion activities during the first session of the final day of the Global Investor Summit held in Indore today. was replaced.

These industrial and trade organizations, operating in more than 215 countries around the world, have signed agreements with MPIDC for their activities in 15 sectors.

Madhya Pradesh CM U Shivraj Singh Chouhan said the state government is committed to strengthening relations with these organizations and conducting long-term activities for mutual progress.

Activities are carried out with trade and industrial organizations for the global expansion of Madhya Pradesh’s business and industrial activities. Every possible effort will be made in this direction, and new opportunities will also be created for the expansion of investments and activities within the state.

The recent Global Investors Summit held at the Brilliant Convention Center in Indore was attended by Minister of Industry Policy and Investment Promotion Rajvardhan Singh Dattiggaon, Chief Secretary Iqbal Singh Baines and Chief Secretary Manish Singh. bottom.

Organizations from Canada, Singapore, Africa and Bangladesh Sign Memorandum of Understanding

Indo-Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Singapore-Indian Chamber of Commerce, India-ASEAN Grand Council, Indo-Africa Trade Council, Indian Economic and Trade Organization, Indo-Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce signed Memorandum of Understanding to work with Prime Minister Chauhan in several fields such as agriculture, technology, food processing and training.

Mutual cooperation in trade data, medical care, upskilling, and engineering fields

The Latin American and Caribbean Union of India has exchanged Memorandums of Understanding on trade data and trade licenses, the Hong Kong-based India Connect Group on technology exchanges, and the Bat Foundation, which is active in the medical sector in the United States, Africa and India. The National Association of Legal Professionals of India has exchanged a MoU on Trade Law. In this sequence, UNESCO Unevoc Center for Skill Upgradation Memorandum of Understanding for Skill Upgradation, Engineering Export Promotion Council for Engineering, Thai’s Federation of Indian Industries Chapter for Startup Investment, People of Indian Origin of Malaysia Food Processing, Federation of Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce exchanged MoU on business expansion.

Heartfulness and Skill Development Organization also signed a memorandum of understanding

Heartfulness Education Trust, Marble Rocks, Infro Trust, Eco Taras, World NRI Association, Organization of Skill Development, EU Council of Chambers of Commerce and Turkey’s Musiad Group also signed MoUs with Prime Minister Chouhan.

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