Activities, work canceled at University Park beginning at 5 a.m. Friday

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pennsylvania — Officials at Pennsylvania State University continue to monitor the winter weather impacting University Park and expect the snow to turn to rain this afternoon and warmer temperatures to help clean up. I’m here. Employees currently on campus are encouraged to remain on campus until the end of their shift when travel conditions are expected to improve.

Forecasts predict temperatures will drop to single digits and possibly lower on Friday morning along with high winds and the possibility of additional snow and ice. In light of these circumstances, Penn State University is canceling activities and work on his campus at University Park from Friday, December 23, at 5:00 a.m. to Saturday, December 24, at 5:00 a.m. increase.

On-campus activities

On-campus activities scheduled between 5:00 am on Friday, December 23 and 5:00 am on Saturday, December 24 will be cancelled. Activities starting after 5:00 AM on Saturday, December 24th will proceed as originally scheduled.


Employees who provide “essential” services: Employees previously identified as being required to appear on campus for work and performing essential duties to maintain operations are required to appear on campus as directed. Employees who are required to be on campus for work and whose December 23rd is not a designated holiday are eligible for Campus Closure Compensation Hours as provided in the guidelines. The Holiday Pay Policy applies to employees whose 23rd December is a holiday. Employees should make it clear to their manager whether their status is required or non-essential before inclement weather occurs.

All other employees, except those employed at the Applied Research Laboratories (ARL), You must not report to work until normal campus operations resume and are eligible to receive campus closure benefits or holiday benefits in accordance with university policy. Employees should review the “Official Closures” section of the University’s Weather Day Absence Policy (HR Guideline 10) for specific information on how absences due to weather conditions are handled. ARL will continue to follow ARL’s internal policies for all weather-related closures.

Employees with questions about campus closures should contact their departmental human resources consultant.

  • Individuals who work before 5:00 a.m. on Friday, December 23rd and are scheduled to finish after 5:00 a.m. on Friday, December 23rd must leave campus at 5:00 a.m. on Friday, December 23rd for partial Must complete one day.
  • Any employee scheduled to start work before 5:00 am on Saturday, December 24th and finish work after 5:00 am on Saturday, December 24th will report at 5:00 am on Saturday, December 24th and The day must end partly.
  • Anyone whose work hours are scheduled to start and end between 5:00 am on Friday, December 23rd and 5:00 am on Saturday, December 24th must not report.
  • Anyone planning to report after 5am on Saturday, December 24th should do so normally.

Additional weather information, continuous updates

Each Penn State campus will make its own decision as to whether to cancel classes, exams, and activities depending on weather and local conditions. Details for each campus will be shared on campus websites as needed.

The decision to suspend work and other activities at University Park was determined to be in the best safety interest of the University community. University officials continue to monitor the situation and will provide updates as necessary. The latest information is shared through Penn State News, Penn State University’s PSUAlert system. twitterand WPSU TV and Radio.

All employees and students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own safety. Faculty, staff, and students should use their best judgment when considering the need to travel to campus or leave early during inclement weather. Faculty and staff should review Weather Day Absence Handling (HR Guideline 10) for specific information on handling absences due to weather conditions and HR Policy 34 for specific information on holiday pay policies. need to do it. Union representative employees should refer to collective bargaining agreements. Information about class attendance policies is available at and Faculty Council Policy 42-27 (Class Attendance).

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