Airbus continues recruitment ramp-up to feed new technological activities | News

Airbus is embarking on a recruitment drive to hire a further 13,000 people this year, matching last year’s efforts.

According to the aerospace company, more than half of the new hires (about 7,000) are aimed at filling newly created positions, and a third of the total are made up of recent graduates.

Airbus has ramped up its workforce for more than two years after imposing dramatic cuts as the pandemic forced a slowdown in production activity.

“The new jobs will help prepare the future of aviation, supporting the industrial ramp-up and Airbus’ ambitious decarbonization roadmap,” it said.

While Airbus is focusing on sourcing manufacturing and technical staff, it is also looking to secure personnel to support its energy strategy and digital work.

We plan to employ over 9,000 people in Europe and spread the rest across our global operations.

Airbus Chief Human Resources Officer Thierry Barril said the company’s “resilience and attractiveness” were “tested” by the recent crisis.

The company has successfully hired 13,000 people in 2022 and is on track to hit its target again this year, he said.

“We invite talented individuals from around the world to join us in our journey to make sustainable aerospace a reality,” he adds.

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