Akonta Mining not involved in illegal activities – President Akufo-Addo

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo exonerated Akonta Mining from any wrongdoing, stating that Akonta Mining was not involved in illegal mining activities anywhere in the country.

The President addressed the Catholic Bishops’ Conference and the 16th Biennial Conference of the National Union of Catholic Diocesan Priests Association of Ghana held in Koforidua, Eastern Region on Wednesday (4 January 2023).

“Let me briefly respond to the Chairman on the issue of illegal mining. I would like to assure him and all of you that, as we speak, Akonta Mining is not involved in any illegal activity in any part of the country.

“Furthermore, the Ministry of Land and Natural Resources, through its Forestry Commission, with the assistance of the military, has banned all 294 forest reserves in the country, eliminating the illegal mining we are talking about,” said Akufo- President Addo added.

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Meanwhile, the media coalition against Galamsey every day graphicsto the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Dr. George Acuffo Dampere, to investigate his alleged involvement in illegal mining activities and to bring the owner of the book and the officials of Akonta Mining Limited. It reminded me of my promise.

According to the coalition, there was sufficient evidence to prosecute a mining company director for allegedly engaging in illegal mining in violation of a mining ban in the Tanonimiri Forest Reserve in the western region.

This reminder was previously written to Dr. Dhamparé to conduct a speedy investigation into allegations of illegal mining activities by the company allegedly owned by Bernard Antoui, Ashanti Regional Commissioner of the New Patriotic Party (NPP). This is a follow-up to two petitions.・Boasiaco.

This coalition is made up of several civil society organizations (CSOs) and was convened by Ken Ashigbey.

In an October 2022 statement, the Minerals Commission said Akonta Mining had no mineral rights or mining leases to conduct mining operations in the Tanonimiri Forest Reserve.


Ashigbey said the coalition was concerned that the request for an inquiry appeared to be silent, adding that those identified had not been invited for questioning, let alone indictment.

He said a reminder to the IGP is to maintain a campaign that signals that the fight against Garamsey is real, not just words, and that “the real funders and beneficiaries of this threat are the poor, not the poor.” “They have to bear the brunt without much effort. Workers often have no choice but to act in order to survive.”

Dr Ashigbey said the IGP has a duty to the state to help stop Garamsey and will make an effort to meet with Dr Dampare again to get feedback on their petition.

Asked why the coalition would not allow the process to proceed, he said: , his ministry and the Minerals Commission have evidence that the company is in fact allegedly conducting illegal mining operations. ”

Other stakeholders, including the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Ghana, had also called for the company’s officials to be prosecuted for alleged violations, according to the conveners.

“It is unlikely that there is not enough evidence to establish that Aconta Mining has a lawsuit to answer, and not enough evidence to initiate prosecution against the company’s directors and officers.

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