All Missable Activities In Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion

Here are all the not-to-be-missed activities in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion There is a surprising amount to see and do in a relatively linear experience, such as some missions and side activities becoming unavailable once you reach certain parts of the game. These are optional things in the game, but most of them give great rewards and story beats, so they’re worth looking for.

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When it comes to overlooked activities, Crisis Core has so many elements that it’s easy to overlook or mistakenly ignore important missions that you feel need to be completed in the endgame. Plus, there’s no post-game chapter select like in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, so you’ll have to replay the entire game if you miss it.

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FF7 Reunion Crisis Core - Behemoth

We have a lot Mission From Chapter 1 to Chapter 7, some of which will be unavailable at the end of Chapter 7 when you Leave Midgar and go to Nibelheim. Not only are these missions important to complete for trophies and achievement progression, but some also offer unique rewards that shouldn’t be missed before accessing later in the game. I can A complete list of missions you can’t miss, how to get to them, and what they offer in the table below!

All missable missions


How to start




Head to Lovelace Avenue in Chapter 2 and talk to the Shinra Guard Captain.

  • Shinra α
  • silence
  • 4 slots
  • force bracelet
  • bangle of ice
  • Fat Chocobo Feather

monster of midgar


Talk to him at the top of the stairs in Sector 8 during Chapter 3.

  • poison
  • bangle of fire
  • phoenix down
  • firing
  • cheer up
  • ice ring

monster report


It will be available at the start of Chapter 5, but will be unavailable in Chapter 8.

  • Assault Twister
  • Venom Shock
  • AP Up+
  • Elemental Ward
  • Spirit Up+
  • earthquake

crescent unit


Find all Wutai spies in Chapter 5.

  • poison twister
  • system shock
  • power list
  • diamond bracelet
  • death
  • Mountain Chocobo Armlet

Midgar Urban Development Authority


Go to the Shinra Building Lobby in Chapter 5 and talk to the City Planning Manager.

  • Fat Chocobo Feather x2
  • Hachibangai Materia Shop
  • x2 hero drink
  • x2 Lunar Harp
  • Fifth Avenue Materia Shop
  • x20 Elixir
  • doc’s code
  • x2 Lunar Harp
  • Sixth Avenue Accessory Shop

Keep in mind that these are missions that are easy to miss, and there are some shops, mini-games, items, etc. that you can’t miss. These are detailed below.


Final Fantasy 7 Reunion Crisis Core - Midgar in the opening FMV

Besides shop above, you You can’t miss two other shops selling excellent materia, make them Great for things like materia fusion and to gain an edge in battle. you can find A complete list of shops not to be missed in the table below. Additionally, if you want to know how to unlock all shops in Crisis Core, follow this link!

All misable shops


Cancellation method

happy turtle

Clear Mission M4-3-6

stop the attacker

Hachibangai Materia Shop

Clear Mission M6-2-1

Slum Development Plan 1

Fifth Avenue Materia Shop

Clear Mission M6-2-3

Mako excavation site

Sixth Avenue Accessory Shop

Clear Mission M6-2-6

underground city

Research Department QMC+

Found in a chest in Gongaga Village in Chapter 9.


Crisis Core: Phoenix Summon in Final Fantasy 7 Reunion

There are so many missions and shops to miss in Crisis Core. item you can miss, right? This is a foregone conclusion, but not far from the truth.there is Only two items you can miss entirely, This is shown in the table below.

All must-see items

Note that this excludes free items that can be collected daily in the Shinra Building.

mini game

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion Flower Wagon Minigame

Unlike items, Tons of minigames you can miss, In the end, we tank Aerith’s affection points towards Zack. We’ll list all the mini-games you may have missed, but you can find out more about them by following this link!

All failable minigames

Zack Fair fan club

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion rewards Zack Fair with a piece of materia

Sure, Sephiroth, Angeal, and Genesis have ardent fans, but what do you think? Zach FairWell, once you progress past a certain point in the Crisis Core you don’t know the answer to that question.?Luckily you are reading this and may have some hope Join my fan club!

To do this you need to: Play to the point where you have to defend the Junon Perimeter from 30 enemies encroaching on the area Accepting a few civilians.if you Successfully kill 30 enemies without attacking once makeshift camp, Cisnay tells Zack that he has a lot of fans. So, When returning to the Shinra Building during Chapter 7 After your short departure you can Talk to the receptionist in the lobby to join the Zack Fair Fan Club.

Follow this link for fan club details, how to join and all other fan club information.

Minerva boss battle

Minerva in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion

Not to be missed per se, but you might never think The hardest boss encounter in the game is at the end of Yuffie’s series of missions. get It gets progressively harder with each repetition. nevertheless you need to Complete the entire suite of Yuffie missions up to you arrival Mysterious big cave“Mission, It takes a lot of time, effort, patience, a little luck and nerves of steel.

but Not to be missed in the traditional senseYuffie’s mission can be completed at any time – you will It seems like you need to focus on these missions and keep coming back to them as you level up. Difficulty spikes further down the rabbit You reach the end of the game before you even get close to encountering Minerva’s boss. That means you’ll likely roll the credits and start a new game before even thinking about touching the rest of the missions.

If you want more information about Minerva, how to beat her, or a clearer dive on accessing encounters, follow this link!

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