Alvaton Elementary 4th graders participate in STEAM Day activities

Bowling Green, Kentucky (WBKO) – Expeditions in Education visited Albaton Elementary School as part of the Crossing America Live Tour.

Amanda Rupsch, 4th grade science teacher at Albaton Elementary School, said:

This non-profit organization works with the National Park Foundation to visit schools and national parks across the United States.

“We have shot in 132 national parks in the last two years. This is a collaborative effort with the National Parks Foundation, for which we are very grateful. They provide us with free transportation to school.

All this is done in hopes of spreading awareness and working with students to solve real-world problems.

“We want our students to be problem solvers in the end. That’s what careers call for. It’s important to get them involved in that,” Lupusch said.

The organization provided STEAM Day activities for students to work on each other, solve problems, and develop their skills and creativity.

“It helps them learn to value nature, and it’s good for their bodies. It’s good for their souls,” Lupusch said.

STEAM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.

Students learn more about each subject using exercises provided by non-profit organizations.

“Some of our kids are so excited, like they want to be park rangers. say.

Students were asked to create a prototype to protect Newts from the threat of invasive crayfish in Crater Lake.

The Oregon rangers evaluated the models created by the students, hoping to better protect the newt population, which inspired them to eventually create their own prototypes. Check to see if the

This was our first visit from Expeditions in Education and our 4th grade science teacher hopes it won’t be the last.

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