Area Lutheran schools marked week of activities

Two Lutheran schools in Edwardsville had a grand celebration during National Lutheran School Week, January 22-28.

“Metro East Lutheran High School has had several activities to celebrate,” Angela Mueller, the school’s director of marketing and admissions, said Thursday. “Students and staff gathered together this week for an all-night vigil to pray for the school and community. We played and sang at services there, and some of our choir students were interviewed on part of KFUO Radio.”

In addition, according to Mueller, members of the school’s student ambassador club travel to the Lutheran Kindergarten through 8th grade communities each morning to welcome children to school, hand out MELHS goodie bags, and educate younger students about their activities. Happy National Lutheran School Week when it arrives. They visited schools in Collinsville, Besalt, Edwardsville, and Stanton.

Meanwhile, the Trinity Lutheran Church at 600 Water Street in Edwardsville has been affected by the cold and snow this past week to ensure that the tradition of the Lutheran Church and the Synod of Missouri (LCMS) schools will continue for generations. Principal Kenneth said it did not prevent Kruger.

He said Trinity, along with other LCMS schools around the world, thundered with a fervor that transcended the usual celebrations at this year’s National Lutheran School Week (NLSW). NLSW is a time to give thanks to all his LCMS schools for their ability to worship and learn from Jesus in creative and thrilling ways in all aspects of school days, daycare hours and extracurricular activities. . As far as Trinity’s 2023 NLSW goes, it did not disappoint.

Fun and unique dress-up days, classroom and whole-school service projects, school-wide excursions and assemblies made the 2023 NLSW at Trinity unforgettable.

He described the activities for the week – patriotic attire, formal attire, tie-dyed shirts, chapel families (this is a group that sits together at school worship time each week, and participates in fun service projects and activities). (Families consist of one student from each kindergarten, up to the 8th grade teacher) Color coding includes ice cream sundaes, watching movies at the historic Wilde Theatre, creating festive packages of birthday cakes, Each school day began while combined with one of the interactions with the reptiles. Alternatively, you can participate in relay or ‘one minute’ activities that are woven into the rest of each school’s time.

Trinity’s NLSW top dollar was $1,250 donated to a teacher at another LCMS school in the area who is fighting the disease. Gifts from the Trinity family, faculty and staff represent what NLSW is all about. This week, I hope that her 2-year-old through her 8th grade students, faculty and staff at Trinity can finish the school year strong spiritually, academically and socially while trying to keep their eyes on Jesus. Give my best.

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