Black Voices in Gaming – Tamika ‘RedInfamy’ Moultrie

Over the years I’ve found a lot of black gamers doing great things in the community. Black voices is my attempt to help push the narrative that we are here and have something to say.  Tamika ‘RedInfamy’ Moultrie is one of those people. This is her story. Video Games have been pretty much a cornerstone […]

Red Dead 2 – The End Of The Road

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a long ass game. The game is so long that the epilogue feels like a separate campaign. In fact, by the time I completed the game I wanted to download the original Red Dead Redemption to continue the story. RDR2’s ending is not about redemption, revenge, or longing for a […]

My First Experience With Black Ops 4

A moment of honesty – I think the most time I’ve spent playing any Call of Duty is about ten minutes. I never felt I was the target market, I really wasn’t bro enough to play the game. And I didn’t have the urge to be called ‘nigger,’ ‘nigga,’ or any variation by some stranger […]